Problems to be noticed before and after hatching chicks

Before hatching the chicks: 1. Manually move the hatching eggs from the hatching tray to the hatching tray. During the operation, the room temperature should be maintained at about 25°C. The operation should be quick. Complete each hatching machine within 30 to 40 minutes. Eggs, too long for adverse embryo development. 2. Lower the temperature properly, and control the temperature at 37.1 to 37.2 °C. 3. Increase the humidity properly and control the humidity to 70 to 80%. After the chicks are hatched: The chicks hatch and hatch in 20.5 days. The whole batch of hatching can be liquidated as long as 2 hatches. In batch hatching, the eggs are hatched once every 4 to 6 hours due to hatching. . During operation, young chickens with bad absorption of umbilical cord and hairiness should be temporarily left out of the hatchery. Increase the temperature of the hatching machine by 0.5 to 1°C, and chickens will be hatched after 21.5 days as weak eggs. The chicks were immunized with Marek vaccine within 24 hours of hatching and the chicks were transported to the brooding house in the shortest time.


Our Chunmee Green Tea material comes mainly from the teaplantations of the high mountains of Anhui province, Jiangxi province, Henan province, Hubei province, Sichuan province, Yunnan province and so on. So our tea leaves have more percentage protein and amino acid, which gives you a more fresh taste and good smell.
Our Chunmee Green Tea looks slim, has a good color, the tea water is bright, clean with a light red color, which tastes fresh, sweet, and strong, smells very happy with a high tea aroma, even the second, the third and the forth time taste is very good. Drinking our Chunmee Green Tea, enjoying our traditional culture, it`s so great!
Our Chunmee green tea mainly packed in box, carton, wooden case, poly bag, gunny bag, plastic bag, iron tin and so on. For the box line with paper bag and coated with cellophane, we have 25g box, 100g box, 125g, 200g, 250g, 500g and 1000g; For the carton lined with plastic bag, we have 1kgs, 2kgs, 5kgs, 10kgs and 20kgs; For the wooden case lined with aluminum-foiled paper bag and coated with gunny bag, we have 1kgs wooden case, 2kgs case, 5kgs case, 10kgs case, 20kgs case, 35kgs case and 40kgs case or any other size which you want. For the gunny bag and poly bag lined with plastic bag, we have 7kgs, 10kgs, 25kgs and any other size which you want. For the Iron tin lined with paper bag, we have 200g, 250g, 500g and 5kgs tin.


We produce many kinds of Chunmee Green Tea, such as the Super Chunmee special grade of 41022,9371 and 9372, such as the Chunmee Green Tea Grade one 9369, grade two 9368, grade three 9367, grade four 9366, under grade 3009 and 3009, such as Chunmee Green Tea Fannings 9380 and 34403. We also have Hyson tea, such as 9377, 9389, 9417, 9500 3113 and 3114. Meanwhile, we produce the 8147,8167,8117, 9400, 9376 and so on.
Our Chunmee Green Tea is hot selling in West Africa, such as Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, Senegal, Gambia, Mali and so on. We also exported our 9368, 9367 and 3008 to Mid-Asia market, such Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Turkey and so on. 
The advantage of our Chunmee green tea is as follows:
1) quench your thirst.
2) refresh yourself with a cup of tea
3) help you to digest well
4) tea polyphenols is good to keep you as a young people more time
5) tea can prevent and relieve many disease, for example, cancer, haemangioma, vascular sclerosis, thrombus and so on.
6) tea is good for many apparatus of your body, such as eyes, tooth, intestines and stomach, heart, skin and so on.

Chunmee Tea

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