How to prevent edible mushroom aphids

Edible fungus worms are also called bacillary worms, fungal spiders, and mushroom worms, and they are harmful to many kinds of edible fungi. Mushroom damage is caused at the beginning of the sowing of edible fungi. The hyphae of the inoculated block are first bitten, and often no mycelium germinates. Mushroom damage later causes mushroom buds to die and die. Occurrence of mushroom borer on fruiting bodies, discoloration of the damaged parts or holes, seriously affecting the yield and quality. As M. edulis is small, it is not easy to see with the naked eye, and M. edodes can easily take the opportunity to damage the mushroom. Therefore, in the cultivation and management of edible fungi, it is necessary to prevent and control the worms in time. About 7 days after the sowing of the edible fungus, the colored film is placed on the surface of the material for 5-10 minutes, and then observed with a magnifying glass close to the side of the culture material. Once it is found that the body is flat or oval, white or yellow, and has multiple roots. When you have a bristle mushroom, immediately use the following method to kill it. 1. Fumigation and killing of crickets Put the cotton ball on dichlorvos and place it on the bottom surface of the bed frame, and then cover the bed with a plastic cloth, so that the drug can evaporate and poison the worms. 2, spray killing with 50% of the omethoate 1000 times, 1500 times solution of chrysanthemum ester or 500 times Kekeite spray killing. Spraying with detergent 400 times continuously for 2-3 times also has a good killing effect. 3, rapeseed cake hunted on the material surface damaged by mushroom borer spread a few pieces of wet cloth, sprinkle the freshly fried rapeseed cake on the wet cloth, when the worms gather on the wet cake rapeseed meal, the wet cloth removed A moment can be killed by boiling water. 4, sweet and sour liquid drug trapping to take 1 part of acetic acid, 1 part of water, 0.1 parts of sugar, mixed with 1-2 drops of dichlorvos, that is dubbed sweet and sour liquid. A gauze strip or cotton soaking liquid is placed on the surface of the material, and when the aphid clusters on it, the hot-dead pest is removed. Repeat the above operation until it is clear. 5. Fresh bone trapping puts fresh pork bones on the bed surface where the mushrooms live on and off. When the locust swarms on it, kill the locust by placing the bone in the water for a while. Repeat several times until there is no flaw on the bed.

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