How to raise a good Boer goat

With the full exploitation of the Boer hybrid goats, the number of hybrid sheep is increasing. In the breeding and management of hybrid sheep should pay attention to the following points: 1, to improve feed nutrition should be appropriate. Due to the rapid growth and development of hybrid sheep, especially in the 6-9 months after birth, the body weight is double that of the local sheep, and there is a relatively large demand for nutrients. Therefore, appropriate supplements should be made on the basis of the local sheep's diet. Hybrid sheep born in spring are generally not allowed to feed at the other places except where weeding and pre-marketing fattening need to be supplemented properly in areas where grasses are better sourced. The hybrid sheep born in autumn and winter generally have to feed, otherwise it will affect the early growth and development, resulting in no obvious hybridization effect. Generally, 0.5-1% of the hybrid sheep's body weight supplements the mixture. The specific amount of each concentrate supplement depends on the length of time for grazing, grazing, the type of grass, and the amount of nutrients. 2, strengthen feeding and management. In addition to doing a good job of daily feeding and management, we must timely castrate and periodically deworm. After deprivation, the sheep's temperament is docile, easy to manage, easy to fatten, and reduce the odor, improve the quality of lamb. Lamb castration is usually performed about 2 months after birth. Hybrid sheep generally drive flukes and nematodes once every spring and autumn, drive larvae once every two months, and drive ectoparasites once every spring, autumn and winter. 3, short-term fattening. In order to increase the growth rate and the quality of mutton, hybrid sheep can be short-term fattened 1 month before slaughter. Under normal grazing conditions, hybrid sheep aged about 6 months were fed 150 grams of corn daily, 100 grams of bran, 50 grams of bean cake, and 3 grams of bone meal. After about 1 month of fattening, they could gain 6-8 kilograms of weight. 4, the lamb marketed that year. The promotion of the lamb market this year will reduce the shortage of forage grass in winter and spring, avoid the “skinny death in winter” and increase the commodity rate. The crossbreeding of Boer goats provided more favorable conditions for the lambs to be listed that year. The early growth rate of hybrid sheep is particularly fast. Generally, it can reach 25-30 kg in 6-9 months of age. Even if it is a hybrid sheep born in the fall, as long as the nutrition is strengthened and the feeding is reasonable, it can reach about 20 kilograms at 4 months of age. In addition, a reasonable arrangement of breeding time is also an important measure to ensure that the lamb is listed in the same year. 5. Use additives. There are many types of additives, and their main functions are to supplement nutrients, promote growth, and prevent diseases. Boer hybrid goat additives commonly used mineral additives, rare earth feed additives and insecticide health additives. According to experiments, adding 0.02% rare earth to the diet of fattening sheep after weaning can increase daily weight gain by 17.1% within 60 days and the feed conversion rate can increase by 14.3%. By changing the metabolic processes and microbial activities in the rumen, propionic acid fermentation can be promoted to promote weight gain and improve feed conversion. The ruminal is fed as a feed additive and fed, typically 25-30 mg per kilogram diet.

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