Tea plantation strengthens management and prevention of pests before winter

Pruning and pruning promptly remove dead leaves and reduce the pests and pathogens that overwinter on the litter in the garden. Deep plowing, combined with deep plowing in autumn, eliminates pests or mature larvae that overwinter in soil. Manually removing pests that overwintered on the back of the leaf and overwintering on the mature protective larvae in the tree's protective sac should be used during the winter to manually remove the leaves and the protective sac to reduce the amount of pests in the second year. At the same time pay attention to protect and use natural enemies. During the period between late autumn and early winter (season temperature below 15°C), Fengyuan used to spray 45% lime sulfur crystals 150 to 200 times in tea gardens, which helps to reduce the overwintering base number of pests and diseases in tea gardens and control the occurrence and harm of the second year.

Gauze ball

Structure and composition: It is made of 100% Cotton Gauze with X-rays or no X-rays by degreasing, bleaching, drying, processing, cutting and folding.

Product performance: Clean, soft, non-toxic, odorless, non-fluorescent, no oil spots, no mold spots or debris adhesion, and has good water absorption performance.

Model specifications: Divided into non-sterile type and sterile type, ball shape; with X-ray and without X-ray.

Packing: 50/100 non-sterile balls using PE plastic bags with 5 layers of double-corrugated kraft paper boxes ; 3/5/10/15/20/30 sterile balls with medical paper-plastic / paper-paper bags, medical blister packaging, microcontroller Packing, then, 20 bags / 50 bags / 100 bags in white card or gray card box, and 5 layers of double corrugated kraft paper box.

Scope of application: It is used for medical institutions to clean clinically, protect wounds and absorb exudate from the body. It is used for surgery and wound care.


Medical Gauze Ball Round Shape

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