Chinese herbal medicine prices skyrocketed Guizhou Brilliance spent huge funds to build million acres of Taizi base

The business club reported on January 12th that the crazy increase in prices of Chinese herbal medicines last year caused many drug companies to worry about it. In less than one month, Guizhou Braun (002424) announced twice the establishment of Taizishen planting base with a total area of ​​about 2 Million mu, the total annual investment is 100 million yuan.

Subsidiaries spend 50 million

Planting heterophylla

Today, Guizhou Braun announced that on January 11, 2011, its wholly-owned subsidiary, Guizhou Bailing Enterprise Group Pharmaceutical Sales Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Pharmaceutical Sales Company), and the Liuzhi Special Zone Farming and Farmers' Professional Cooperative signed the “Plant for medicinal herbs planting. contract".

The company stated that this is to promote the increase of farmers' income and to enhance the competitiveness of pharmaceutical sales companies in the management of medicinal materials.

Two bases for planting heterophylla

A total of 20,000 mu

In addition to the Liuzhi District Taizishen planting base, Guizhou Braun in the main production area of ​​heterophylla Guizhou Shi Bing also "first to be strong," the next million acres Taizishen planting base.

On December 16, last year, Guizhou Bailing Subsidiary Pharmaceutical Sales Co., Ltd. and Guizhou Sanyuantaibao Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Sanyuantaibao) signed the “Declaration Contract for the Planting of Medicinal Plants”, and the two parties will jointly build a demonstration plantation of 10,000 metric tons base.

Located in Shibing County, Guizhou Province, where Sanyuantaibao is located, it is known as the "western medicine city," and is China's largest production base for heterophylla. The company is a private joint-stock enterprise that focuses on cultivation, processing, sales, and research and development of medicinal herbs. It is a state-level leading enterprise in the agricultural industrialization of Southeast Guizhou. The main products include Chinese medicinal materials such as Radix Paeoniae Radix, Radix Atractylodes, Atractylodes macrocephala, beverages, granules, capsules, etc., which are the main raw materials of Radix Paeoniae Radix, and external lotions, such as Radix Paeoniae Alba, which are the main raw materials.

Acquisition of Yuanyuan Pharmaceutical

Dexin Runsheng 100% equity

In addition, Guizhou Braun also decided to acquire 100% equity of Guizhou Qianyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Qianyuan Pharmaceutical) and 100% equity of Hebei Dexin Runsheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Dexin Runsheng) with its own funds. Both are RMB 8 million.

According to the announcement, Haoyuan Pharmaceutical is a pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprise with a registered capital of 2 million yuan. Its main products include Tianma Granules, Yiqing Granules, Hugan Tablets, Qiju Dihuang Capsules, Xiaokeling Tablets, and Zhifasheng Hair Tablets. Dexin Runsheng registered capital of 10 million yuan, mainly engaged in the production of tablets, hard capsules, granules, dry suspensions (all penicillins), raw materials (sorbitol, tolcapone, cartholone, Ramosetron hydrochloride, xylitol, etc.).

Guizhou Braun said that the company will rely on the principle of soundness and efficiency, relying on the ever-expanding brand effect and the capital advantages formed after listing, and extensively seek out target companies that are in line with the company's development strategy and have potential value to implement the acquisition. Haoyuan Pharmaceutical will expand the company's business to hepatitis medicine and Qingrejiedu medicine market, and Dresdner Runsheng will supplement the penicillin market.

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