Ophthalmology medical device launches a few big product introduction

Business Club April 30th: Diseases of the eye are medically classified as "major diseases." At present, at least dozens of eye diseases have been known. Take cataract and glaucoma, two common diseases of eye disease as an example, at least hundreds of millions of people worldwide suffer from these two diseases. Ophthalmic medications and ophthalmic medical devices form a big market. According to a report released by the US Datamonitor International Consulting Company, the global ophthalmic medical device market reached US$17 billion in 2006 and is estimated to have exceeded US$19 billion last year with an annual growth rate of 10%. This year is expected to be the global ophthalmic medical device market. Total sales will exceed $20 billion.

In recent years, a number of new medical products have been developed and marketed to treat common eye diseases such as cataracts and glaucoma.

Glaucoma Treatment Equipment

The pathogenesis of glaucoma is complicated. Glaucoma is mainly associated with the obstruction of "flooding" (a physiological fluid in the eyeball) and causing an increase in intraocular pressure. Reducing intraocular pressure and accelerating the excretion of aqueous humor is the focus of foreign medical device manufacturers to develop new products.

A U.S. manufacturer has recently launched a new product called "Injection-type drop-pressure medical device", an innovative new product called AquaFlow. According to the introduction, this product is a miniature implantable device product that uses highly absorbent collagenous material. Made specifically for the treatment of open-angle glaucoma. AquaFlow looks like a miniature cylinder, and an ophthalmologist inserts it into the sclera of a patient with glaucoma through ordinary surgery. It can slowly absorb excess aqueous humor in the eye and return it to normal pressure. Even better, AquaFlow will not need to be removed once it is implanted, because it is made of collagen material and can be completely absorbed by eye tissues without adversely affecting the eyeball. It is understood that AquaFlow is by far the only implantable glaucoma treatment device in the world.

"Viscoelastic body" for ophthalmic surgery

In October 2008, the US FDA approved the launch of a new type of assisted ophthalmic surgical instrument product developed by Admace Ophthalmic Medical Devices Co., Ltd. (trade name Healon D). According to reports, the product is a clear, transparent, viscous substance that is highly dispersible and suitable for cataract extraction, intraocular lens implantation, corneal transplantation, and aqueous drainage. HealonD has a great affinity for the eyeball. Because of its small molecular weight, HealonD can be quickly attached to the surface of the eyeball after surgery and has the function of protecting the cornea. The transparency is extremely high and will not affect the vision of the patient.

Although the manufacturer did not disclose the specific composition of the product, according to industry sources, HealonD is likely to be processed using modified hyaluronic acid, and hyaluronic acid is best suited for ophthalmic surgery.

Cataractectomy scalpel

Cataracts differ from glaucoma in that cataracts are generally treated only by surgery, and glaucoma can be treated with drugs. Especially for late cataracts, surgery is the best treatment. After the surgery, the lens is inserted and the lens can be restored to visual acuity.

US BD Ophthalmic Devices developed and marketed a new type of safe scalpel in April this year, designed specifically for ophthalmologists to remove the diseased lens for cataract patients, providing surgeons with a practical new type of surgical instruments. New product. According to reports, Xstar's blade is arched oblique-chip type, in full compliance with eye geometry, the use of the knife to remove the cataract lens will not damage other healthy eye tissue, is conducive to healing as soon as possible after the wound.

New Digital Wide Angle Imager

Checking eyeball lesions Now that there is a new helper, a U.S. company has developed and marketed a RetCam3 digital wide-angle imager. This is a new type of ophthalmic instrument product that can be used by doctors to perform routine ophthalmic examinations, observe the degree of retinopathy, anterior chamber conditions and fundus examinations, enlarge images, and take pictures. The doctor can clearly observe the degree of macular degeneration, retinopathy, and changes in the anterior chamber of the eye in order to make timely judgments and take appropriate treatment measures. It is understood that there are no such digital ophthalmic diagnostic imaging devices on the market.

Digital Slit Lamp Diagnostic Imager

Slit lamp is a kind of common ophthalmologic diagnostic instrument most frequently used in clinical medical circles in the world. Torance Medical Devices, California, USA, recently developed and marketed a new digital slit lamp diagnostic imager that integrates computer imaging technology, instrument inspection, and image magnification and storage. Using this instrument, the doctor can clearly observe the various lesions of the patient's eyeball on the display screen. The invention of the digital slit lamp has greatly reduced the work intensity of ophthalmologists, and can facilitate doctors to make accurate judgments on the extent of eyeball lesions so as to take symptomatic treatment measures in time.

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