Difference between Chai Wuji and ordinary black chicken

Compared with common black-bone chickens, there are obvious differences in characteristics of firewood chickens: 1. Feathers are feathers (ordinary black-boned chickens are silk feathers); 2. Plumes are diverse: black, white, yellow, hemp, and reed. The chicken's crown is divided into red and black, the rooster has many red crowns, and the hens have black crowns. Pure feather color can be formed, or black, or yellow, or reed, or hemp. Among them, pure black feathers produce slightly less eggs than other feathers. Chaiji chickens produce about 180 eggs a year, eggs 45-50g, chicken egg production rate of green shell 85% -90%, up to 100% after purification. 4. The firewood of Chai Wuji is tenacious and it is particularly suitable for feeding in the north. During the three years of breeding in Beijing, the observed fluctuations in the egg production rate within -10°C to 48°C are less than 10%, and the egg production is balanced throughout the year. The chicken species is a small chicken species. Demand for feed was lower than normal laying hens: 35%, adult chicken weight: 1800g (190g) for roosters and 1300g (190g) for hens. The hens are born 130-140 days old, and the rooster crows are 70-80 days old.

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