Yunnan Provincial People's Insurance Office 3 strokes rectification pharmacy smash brush ** card

“In the province's basic medical insurance designated drugstores, no goods outside the payment scope of the medical insurance card shall be placed and sold. If other commodities have already been placed or sold, they must be cleared within the prescribed time.” Yunnan Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security 28 A notice was issued on the day that it is forbidden for the designated pharmacies of the province's medical insurance to illegally swipe their cards. If a pharmacy is found to be in violation of the regulations, it will be disqualified.

Some time ago, some medical insurance designated pharmacies in Yunnan Province printed a list of goods into "Chinese medicine, proprietary Chinese medicines," allowing participants to use medical insurance card to brush daily necessities to illegally withdraw money from personal accounts of medical insurance cards, causing widespread concern in the society. Take Kunming as an example. At present, there are 447 medical insurance designated medical institutions, 306 resident medical insurance designated medical institutions, and 754 fixed-point retail pharmacies in Kunming City and the city's medical insurance center. The medical insurance participants can hold nearly 1,500 of them.” The two agencies set up medical institutions to purchase medicines, which are limited by manpower, material resources, and financial resources. There are still some difficulties in real-time monitoring of designated pharmacies. In order to fundamentally eliminate fixed-point pharmacies’ picking up money from personal insurance accounts, the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security formally issued the “Human Resources and Social Security of Yunnan Province” on the basis of extensive research, repeated discussions and drawing on the advanced experience of other provinces. The Office's Notice on Further Regulating the Management of Medical Insurance Individual Accounts, 3 measures to protect the “life-saving money” of the participants from the source.

Three measures 1. Xiong Wu, director of the Yunnan Provincial Medical Insurance Center, introduced that since the beginning of last year, the scope of the province's medical insurance card has expanded from the initial medical purchase to “all medicines, health products, medical devices, disinfection supplies, and vaccine injections” field. Therefore, the first of the three measures is to require all municipalities to carry out strict qualification examinations for declared medical insurance designated retail pharmacies. All applicants for medical insurance designated retail pharmacies are prohibited from placing and selling goods outside the scope of their personal accounts for medical insurance, such as daily necessities, cosmetics, etc.; for retail pharmacies that have already been included in designated retail outlets, if the store has placed or sold Medicare card payments Outside the scope, such commodities must be cleared within the specified time.

2. Yunnan Province will further increase the propaganda of the basic medical insurance policy and correctly guide the majority of insured personnel to rationally use individual medical insurance accounts.

3. Finally, in the supervision and administration of fixed-point retail pharmacies, the province will adopt more stringent measures, forbidding pharmacies to allow insured persons to use medical insurance personal accounts to pay for goods outside the prescribed range. For fixed-point retail pharmacies that violate the regulations, the medical insurance fixed-point eligibility will be resolutely cancelled.

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