Da Hong Pao: 30% year-on-year increase

Da Hong Pao: After rising 30% year-on-year, the Dahongpao status in the minds of investors is getting higher and higher. According to industry sources, domestic tea prices have generally risen by about 20% due to the impact of last year's cold spell. The increase in popularity of Dahongpao has led to an increase in demand, and the price has risen by about 30%.

The "hot start" of Dahongpao's price is related to the scarcity of its resources. According to local legends in Fujian, during the Ming Dynasty, scholars who had passed the examination in Beijing passed through Wuyishan. Unfortunately, the heat stroke faded. The monks in nearby temples used tea picked from six tea trees as medicine and saved the scholar. Later, when the scholars of high school scholars came back to give thanks, they took off their robes and wrapped them in tea trees to show their appreciation. From then on, the tea produced by these six tea trees was called Dahongpao. The six Dahongpao mother trees have survived so far. Wuyixing Tea Co., Ltd. is now the only management unit authorized by the government for the mother tree Dahongpao. The company’s head of the channel in Beijing Yuan Yu stated that high-priced Dahongpao has appeared in Guangdong and Xiamen. The reason for this is cultural factors. The price of Dahongpao is the same as the price of jade.

Today, the mother tree Dahongpao has been sealed and no longer picking, and now only asexual reproduction of offspring and sub-strains, and according to the country Wuyi rock tea geographical origin mark, belongs to Wuyi Yancha Dahongpao raw material is very limited, 10 kg of Maochao after 4 to 5 processes can 1 pound of refined tea, with the characteristics of rarity. However, people in the industry pointed out that Dahongpao will become a broad-spectrum tea drink, but it will not become the next Puer tea because Dahongpao itself's upstream production enterprises will have a lesson from Pu'er Tea and will not create an exaggerated hype space. . Therefore, the price of Dahongpao is still rising steadily and there is no bubble.

In addition, there is a clear difference between Dahongpao and Pu'er tea. Puerh tea is better and longer, and it is naturally fermented and transformed for a long period of time. However, the shelf life of Dahongpao is 2 to 3 years. After this period is over, if you want to save it, you have to go back to green again and make it again. The cost of Dahongpao is The proportion of production process is very high, so it is impossible to accumulate for a long time. Therefore, Pu'er tea is an "antique" collection, and Dahongpao is a pure consumer product.

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