Asian rice prices hike and domestic rice prices stabilize

As rice producers in Asia began to “bump” prices this week, Thailand’s export prices to Chinese rose to US$1,000/ton on Monday, the highest level in four months.

The data also shows that in the first half of the year, the export volume of Thai rice to China has been greatly increased. The number of unrecognized Vietnamese rice imports has soared.

International rice companies have pointed out sharply that this means that the degree of fraud of Thai rice in the domestic market this year will be the highest in the calendar year.

“How does it taste wrong?” Ms. Wang, who lives in the Cuicheng Garden, savored a bowl of rice and savored the two bags of Thai rice that she bought from the supermarket. Perhaps this is not a kind of personal prejudice, but it is the butterfly effect of the “rising rise” in international rice prices.

Packing Thai rice is not decreasing

Guangdong, which is adjacent to Hong Kong and Macau, has always been a major province of rice consumption in the interior of Thailand. According to customs data, in the first five months of this year, Thai rice accounted for 95.2% of the absolute share of imported rice in Guangdong, reaching 120,000 tons. From ordinary residents, chain restaurants to high-end restaurants, they are all buying Thai rice.

However, most people did not realize that the imported Thai rice had fallen in price, but after the mainland distributors repackaged the Thai rice placed on the shelves, the supply increased.

In the supermarket at the west entrance, the reporter saw most of the rice in the grain and oil area known as “scented rice”. There are nearly 20 species of Thai fragrant rice. The reporter carefully examined the product description. Only three varieties were imported and the Others were Shenzhen and Chaozhou. Dispensing.

"The price of Thai rice in the past two months has been relatively stable, and the selling price is basically 5-6 yuan / kg." Supermarket salesman said, "The original Thai scented rice bar code is 8 in the first digit, and the Thai rice is divided The first digit of the bar code is 6."

Thai rice import prices rose 2% in the week

The eye of "Butterfly Storm" is in Bangkok. Thailand's rice export lifeline is in the hands of the Rice Exporters Association in the country. The newspaper was informed that Thailand's 100% B-grade rice (hereinafter referred to as "white rice") FOB price (international reference rice price) increased by 2% from the previous week to reach USD 469 per ton.

During an exclusive interview with this newspaper, Chen Dacheng, consultant of Thai Rice Exporters Association and chairman of Siam Rice Industry, revealed: “The two-day Thai Jasmine rice was exported to China at almost US$1,000 per ton, which was an increase of 30 from last week. More dollars. According to reports, two months before the new rice is listed. He predicted that Thailand would hope to increase the price of rice by then.

international market:

Funds stir-fried rice

The reporter learned that as the foodstuff with the lowest increase in the Chicago Futures Exchange this year, there is a strong speculative atmosphere for international rice. Edward Morse, head of Credit Suisse Futures Research, believes that due to concerns about Pakistan and China's export restrictions due to floods, they have recorded large gains in the past three weeks.

Due to the increase in demand, Vietnam finalized the new rice export price on Monday and will increase the price of the highest quality rice from US$400/tonne to US$430/tonne in September.

After nearly two months of increase, the current Chicago Rice Exchange main contract has risen to 11.5 US dollars per bushel, up 15%.


Vietnam Mickey Tumi earns 2,000 yuan per ton

Chen Xudong, sales manager of Guangzhou Xiongcheng Trading Co., Ltd. told the newspaper that Thailand's rice export prices have risen, and it can generally be transmitted to China within one month at the fastest. Chen Xudong said that generally speaking, if the import price increases by 50 to 100 US dollars/ton, the company will consider raising the retail price.

Chen Dacheng revealed: “The most terrible thing is that the price is high, because Thai rice sold in the Chinese mainland will be blended with various types of rice, such as the use of Chinese local rice or imported Vietnamese fake 'scented rice' to adulterate. No fragrant rice, but it will be our reputation.”

This worry is becoming a reality. At the beginning of the month, the Vietnam Food Association stated that 600,000 tons of Vietnamese rice (equivalent to three times the amount of rice imported in China in the first half of the year) were imported into mainland China from April. According to figures of an international rice trader who is unwilling to disclose his name, the mainland has only imported more than 300,000 tons of Thai rice this year, which is 200,000 tons less than the same period of last year. Imported Thai rice is expected to not exceed 100,000 tons. .

“Do you see supermarkets publicly selling Vietnamese rice?” said the rice trader. This shows that more and more illegal distributors are falsifying in order to earn high profits, and the degree will be the highest in the calendar year. At present, one ton of Vietnamese rice is up to $100 cheaper than Thai white rice, and up to $600 more cheaper than sweet rice. If the blending rate is 50%, the distributor will earn a stable price of RMB 2,000 for each ton of “Thai fragrant rice” sold.


Domestic rice prices have not risen to stabilize in the future

In contrast, domestic rice prices on the futures market have also risen sharply since mid-July, but spot prices have not followed futures prices.

In the Guangzhou Xintianqu Cereals and Oils Wholesale Market, Tan Libiao, a wholesaler, said that the main varieties in his store are the Mubar oil stick in Guangdong and the Xiantao fragrant rice in Hubei, in addition to the rice in Jiangxi and Henan. The reporter saw that the price of rice in the store ranged from 1.7 to 2.5 yuan/kg.

“The price of rice is unlikely to increase substantially.” Zhong Zhao Futures analyst Mai Zhaoming told reporters that firstly, the sown area of ​​autumn grain increased by more than 10 million mu over the same period of last year, with rice and corn increasing more, but now The floods in the south did not have a substantial impact on food prices.

According to reports, the measures recently adopted by the State Council to guarantee the harvest of autumn crops and stabilize the prices of food baskets also indicate the attitude of government market regulation.

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