Cage breeding pheasant advantage analysis

First, to save a small range of feed cages, limiting the activities of pheasants can increase feed utilization rate of 10%, the daily gain of up to 3-4 grams. Under the same feeding conditions, less material consumption, faster weight gain, shorter maintenance time, and the provision of morning market, the economic benefits were significantly improved.

Second, prevention and control

Pheasants have wild habits. If they are not managed properly, they will be feathery each other, making it difficult for the feathers to grow in length and affecting the selling price. The use of cages can be avoided. The practice is: during the day when the light is strong, a sack or a grouping bag is used to block the doors and windows, so that the brightness of the room is reduced, and the ventilation of the shelter is opened at night and during feeding. In darker environments, feathers can be avoided and feathers can be plump, beautiful, and high in price when the chickens are fed to market specifications.

Third, small footprint

The free-range farming can usually raise 4-5 eggs per square meter. For instance, raising 100 only needs about 30 square meters; changing to a cage only requires a group of cages, which covers an area of ​​less than 3 square meters.

Fourth, to facilitate the management of small size of the cage, easy to clean; cage groups are small, not easy to catch food; for the prevention and treatment of epidemic diseases and reduce the labor intensity of managers. Under the same labor, 1,000 can be managed in free-range farming, and 2000 in cage farming. More than doubled.

Five, a multi-purpose

In order to build a chicken house in accordance with the requirements of free-range farming, only pheasants can be raised and it is inconvenient to raise other livestock and poultry. The cages can be used to raise pigeons, rabbits, and so on. More convenient is the freedom to change and move.

Sixth, provincial investment

The construction of a chicken house capable of free-range of 100 chickens, according to the minimum electricity cost 100 yuan per square meter, need to invest 3,000 yuan, while the production of a group of rebar barbed wire cage only 400 yuan, such as the use of bamboo, wood cage, Knowing the cost is lower.

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