Prevention of fish tsutsugamushi disease

In recent years, the occurrence of tsutsugamushi disease in farmed fish has become more and more serious in all regions. The common group head lice, grass carp parasitic Jiujiang head tank locusts, squid parasitic tongue locusts, squid parasitic bivalve worms, carp parasitic maggots sting worms. It mainly harms one-year-old fish species and summer films. The tsutsugamushi disease mainly affects four major fishes, head lice, squid, and squid, among which the head lice are the most important.

Symptoms of the disease fish floating, abdomen enlargement, by hand gently press the diseased fish abdomen has a solid feel. When the diseased fish is severe, the diseased fish loses its balance, its side-floats rise or its abdomen faces upwards, the food intake of diseased fish is significantly reduced, and even the feeding is stopped. The fish body becomes dark and is wasted, and the entire pond fish gradually die. The necropsy shows parasitized parasites in the intestinal tract or in the abdomen. The worms are flat, thick, thick, and like strips. When a large number of parasites are crushed, the viscera is squeezed. The most serious injury is the liver, which causes severe atrophy. Development is hindered and the fish is extremely thin and even dead.

Control methods (1) In a 0.11% ratio, praziquantel or other aphid-repellent diets were fed and used continuously for 2 days. (2) The sword water cricket or gull bird is the middle host of the locusts, and the fish ponds thoroughly clear the pond in front of the pond to kill the sword water cricket, or the polyculture carp eats the sword leeches, drives out the gull bird, and reduces the incidence of diseases. (3) In combination with external use and oral administration, crystals of trichlorfon are poured out from the entire pond. As the tsutsugamushi disease mainly occurs in ponds with large surface area, the volume of the water body is accurately calculated when the medicine is used. In each cubic meter of water, crystals of trichlorfon 0.5-0.7 Grams, and add praziquantel 1.5 to 2 grams per kilogram of feed, mix and make pelleted baits, feeding, continuous feeding for 2 days. If the condition worsens, it is best to administer antibiotics for 2 days after cure to prevent bacterial infection.

Precautions (1) In the treatment of tsutsugamushi disease in spring, when the water temperature reaches about 20°C, the fish can feed the baits after eating normally. Selecting a sunny medicine to prevent the fish from eating baits can not achieve the therapeutic effect. (2) The food intake of the fish infected with the aphid is reduced, and the feeding intensity is weakened. Therefore, when feeding the bait, the feeding time of the feed must be extended to ensure that the sick fish eat the bait. (3) fasting medication is effective, generally in the morning 10:00 and 15:00 pm two feeding baits, feeding the amount of normal daily feeding amount of 80%, continuous feeding bait 2 days, generally Can achieve therapeutic effects. (4) Ascaris eggs can hatch from 11 to 15 days at 15 to 25°C, and the fish should be promptly treated when they have tsutsugamushi disease. During the breeding period of the first-instar bream (from May to October), they can be divided into 2 times. treatment.

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