The prevention and control method of Hulk scab

Strictly cultivating the earth's sterilizing, using a cultivating soil that has been decomposed for one year and sterilized at high temperatures in summer. One thousandth of carbendazim powder may be added to the soil in the pot. (1 kg carbendazim was added to 1000 kg soil, stir well). When the pot is up, the seedlings should not be too deep. The potted soil should be just buried in the root, or even a little root can be exposed, because the first point of incidence is on the base of the stem and the root of the joint. Between May and October, 70% thiophanate- and carbendazim-800x fluid should be sprayed on the stem base every week or every two weeks. Observe the base of the stem at any time. If brown spots are found, spray once every three days, and irrigate once a week with the same concentration of drug.
Diseased plants were found and isolated in time to prevent cross-infection. It was found that the leaves were wilting. If there were a few pieces on the side, the plants were pulled out, and the rot roots were removed to keep the roots (good roots should be at least one-half), soaked in 500-fold carbendazim solution for several minutes, change the soil again. On the basin, stick to the above spray and irrigation. If most of the leaves are wilting, they cannot be treated and cleared early.
In management, the soil moisture should be controlled. It is better to use moist and slightly dry, shading and cooling with 85% shading net, and strengthen ventilation, which is not only beneficial to the color of the leaves, but also can prevent diseases.

5XCX-5 Magnetic Separator can be used to remove metals or soil blocks from wide range of products, such as grain, seed , beans, food industry.

The 5Xcx Series Magnetic Separator has high magnet strength of 17000gauss, it can remove all magnet materials , for example, the soil blocks that contain magnet.

The Magnetic Separator Machine whole body is made of stainless steel 304 materials, which is good for grain and food industry also use for long time lift.

It has one high strength roller with two normal rollers to drive one round belt, the grain will discharge into belt and spread on belt for sufficient processing, the magnetic materials and non magnetic materials will discharge from different outlet. There is also adjusting plate to control the percentage of separation.

It has power control box with frequency convertor, which can adjust belt rotation speed to control separating results.

Application: Seed Magnetic Separator, bean magnetic separator, magnetic separator machine





1800*1800*2000 mm

Capacity (kg/h)


Width for magnetic surface (mm)


clod election









1.       How about payment terms?

Usually is 30%TT in advance, balance 70%TT before shipment. We also accept L/C at sight, Paypal, West Union, Money Gram etc.

2.       How long is the delivery time?

15 days after payment

3.       How about packaging?

We will pack machine into plywood box if ship by LCL. If ship by FCL, we will coat machine with plastic film and fixed well by belt fastener, strong iron wire and steel wedge etc.

4.       Is there any warranty?

Warranty is 1 year.

5.       Installation and commission?

We can send engineer to help installation and commissioning, but you should pay for visa, air tickets, salary and arrange food and hotel when our engineer in your country.

6.       Do you have some videos that will help us on assemble or run the machines?

Yes, we have videos on how to assemble and use our machines, will send you a CD when ship the machine to you. 

5XCX Series Magnetic Separator

5Xcx Series Magnetic Separator,Grain Magnetic Separator,Fine Dry Magnetic Separator,Soil Metal Removing Machine