Gate valve introduction gate valve technology gate valve installation

Valve document.write ( '') opening and closing member is a shutter, the shutter moving direction perpendicular to the flow direction, document.write ( '') gate document.write ( '') can be fully open and fully closed , can not be adjusted and throttled. The gate has two sealing faces. The two sealing faces of the document.write('') wedge gate valve document.write('') form a wedge shape and a wedge angle with the document.write('') ​​document. The write('') parameter varies, usually 50, and the temperature is 2°52' when the medium temperature is not high. document.write ( '') wedge gate document.write ( '') of document.write ( '') of the shutter document.write ( '') can be made into a whole, called the rigid gate; may also be made to A slightly deformed ram is produced to improve its processability and compensate for the deviation of the sealing surface angle during processing. This ram is called an elastic ram.

   When document.write('') gate valve document.write('') ​​is closed, the sealing surface can only rely on the medium pressure to document.write('') seal document.write('') , ie rely on the medium pressure to open the gate The sealing surface is pressed against the valve seat on the other side to ensure the sealing of the sealing surface, which is self-sealing. Most document.write ( '') valve document.write ( '') is sealed by force, i.e. document.write ( '') valve document.write ( '') is closed, to rely on external pressure to force the gate To the valve seat to ensure the sealing of the sealing surface.

   document.write ( '') valve document.write ( '') with the shutter document.write ( '') stem document.write ( '') along a straight line, called document.write ( '') down The gate valve document.write('') (also called document.write('') ​​the open gate valve document.write('') ). Usually there is a trapezoidal thread on the lifting rod, through the document.write('') ​​document.write('') at the top of document.write('') screw document.write('') and document.write('') valve The guide groove on document.write('') turns the rotary motion into a linear motion, that is, changes the operating torque to the operating thrust.

Kai document.write ( '') document.write ( ' ') when, when document.write ( '') of the shutter document.write ( '') lifting height equal document.write ( '') document.write ( ' ' When the diameter is 1:1, the passage of the fluid is completely unblocked, but this position cannot be monitored during operation. In actual use, the apex of the valve stem is used as a mark, that is, the position where the valve is opened, as its fully open position. Temperature appears to consider locking phenomenon, usually open to the vertex position, and then rewind 1 / 2-1 circle, as a fully open document.write ( '') valve document.write ( '') position. Accordingly, the fully open position document.write ( '') valve document.write ( ''), the position of the press document.write ( '') of the shutter document.write ( '') (i.e. the stroke> determined.

Some valves, document.write('') stem nut document.write('') is set on the shutter, document.write('') hand document.write('') rotation to drive document.write('' The stem document.write('') rotates, causing document.write('') ​​document.write('') ​​to be raised, this document.write('') valve document.write('') is called document. Write('') Rotate the lever document.write('') valve or call document.write('') dark rod gate valve document.write('') .


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