Tofu and onion can cause loss of body calcium

Mr. Ho's legs in Luoyang often cramp, the doctor asked him to eat tofu calcium. After Mr. Ho had eaten for a while, the symptoms of cramps in the calf did not improve significantly. Later, when asked by a doctor, it was discovered that when Mr. He eats tofu, he does not use tofu tofu, but stir-fried tofu with green onions. In fact, the consumption of tofu and onion not only does not make up calcium, but also easily causes the loss of human calcium.

Experts say: Tofu is rich in calcium, while onion contains a lot of oxalic acid. When tofu and onion are combined together, calcium in tofu combines with oxalic acid in the onion to form calcium oxalate, which is difficult for the body to absorb. If long-term consumption of small onion mixed with tofu, green onions, fried tofu and the like dishes, it will cause lack of human calcium, prone to calcium deficiency and leg cramps, cartilage disease, easy to fracture and other diseases. When burning with the same time, you can first onion, spinach and other vegetables containing oxalic acid boiled with boiling water, remove most of the oxalic acid and then mix with the bean products.

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