Lack of artificial lactation in lactating rabbits

Artificial nursing equipment can be used plastic eye drops or syringes, the front end of a bicycle valve core, must use hot water before use, disinfection, rinse with water after each use promptly. Dairy products can use fresh cow, goat milk or soy milk. For cattle and goat milk, it should be noted that the initial concentration should not be too large to prevent indigestion. You can add 1.5 times more water initially, then add 1/3 more water after 1 week, and you can feed your whole milk 2 weeks later. Whether it is diluted milk or whole milk, add 1 g of salt and 2 drops of cod liver oil per 100 ml. For soymilk, add half an egg, 1 gram salt and 3 drops of cod liver oil per 100 ml. Should be fully mixed, boiled and sterilized, and used when cooled to 36-38°C. Manual breast-feeding every morning and evening, to the full limit.

When artificial nursing, the valve core should be inserted into the mouth of the rabbit and allowed to suck, and the syringe must not be rushed to avoid sudden death of the rabbit.

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