Dark vegetables are best cooked to eat

According to the “Modern Health News” report, the ideal way to eat vegetables is that most of the dark-colored vegetables are cooked, and the light-colored and crispy vegetables are eaten raw. The cooking temperature of the vegetables should not be controlled as high as possible, and cooking methods should be light and less oily. In this way, quantity and quality, nutrition and taste can be taken into account.

The benefits of cooked vegetables are:

Cooking can increase the utilization of vitamin K and carotenoids in green leafy vegetables and orange-yellow vegetables. These two types of substances only like to dissolve in fats and oils. The hot cooking makes the cell wall soften, promote the dissolution of carotene and lycopene, and increase the absorption rate.

Cooking can increase the utilization of calcium and magnesium in vegetables

. Many people only know that calcium comes from milk and magnesium comes from bananas, but they don't know that green leafy vegetables are also a good source of these nutrients. This is because most of the green leafy vegetables have oxalic acid, which is not conducive to the absorption of calcium and magnesium. However, in the cooking process, as long as the blanching step, then fry or cold, you can remove the vast majority of oxalic acid.

Cooking can greatly increase the amount of vegetables eaten.

Raw food Although there is no loss of nutrients, it is difficult to increase the total amount consumed. People have this experience, if you want to eat 500 grams of vegetables a day, then it is difficult to achieve this quantity by relying on raw vegetables. If half of the vegetables are cooked, it is easy to complete this quantity.

Cooking can soften fibers.

For gastrointestinal weakness, indigestion, flatulence, chronic diarrhea and other types of people useful.

Finally, it is more hygienic to eat vegetables. Heating can kill germs and eggs, E. coli and the like are also very difficult to withstand the baptism of boiling water or hot oil. Some anti-nutritional factors and oxidases that destroy vitamins can also be inactivated during heating.

Internationally, regular intake of shiitake mushrooms can prevent rickets, which has been recognized in many countries, especially infant rickets, because vitamin D deficiency can cause phosphorus and calcium metabolism disorders. Shiitake contains provitamin ergosterol, which is not found in large amounts in vegetables, but it can be converted to vitamin D in the sun. Vitamin D can increase resistance to diseases and prevent and treat colds. Here we particularly mention the hepatoprotective effect of shiitake mushrooms, as they also contain adenine and choline, which can prevent the occurrence of cirrhosis and vascular sclerosis. In addition, tyrosinase contained in shiitake mushrooms tends to lower blood pressure.

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