Wheat smut prevention before sowing

On the eve of this year's wheat harvest, when we did a field survey, we discovered that there were dozens of counties (cities) in wheat crops in the central and southern regions of our province with varying degrees of wheat smut, and some high-yield demonstration farms and sporadic farms also had sporadic disease, which should be paid attention to. . Scattered smut of wheat is transmitted and transmitted through seeds. The treatment of seeds is the key to prevent and cure the disease. Once the symptoms of "black spikes" appear, there is no medicine to cure.

First, the main symptoms of wheat smut Commonly known as black wheat, gray bag. Mainly for the ear. The diseased plant is shorter, heading is earlier than the healthy plant, and the ear is small. At the beginning of earing, the spikelets were covered with a gray film and filled with black powder. After the film ruptured, the black powder scattered with the wind, leaving only the bare cobs.

Second, the law of occurrence The disease is a systemic disease infested by the flower, seed-borne bacteria is the only route of transmission. The hyphae lurking in the seeds germinate along with the wheat. With the growth of the plants, they invade the primordium of the panicle. The rapid growth of the hyphae in the spikelet during the booting stage destroys the flower organ and produces the chlamydospore. During the flowering period, the thin-film spores (black powder) were scattered and spread to the stigma of the flower plant of the plant. They intruded into the ovary and finally lurked in the seed embryo, causing the seeds to carry bacteria inside. The degree of morbidity in the year is closely related to the seed-borne rate of the seeds. Continuous wind-rainy weather during the flowering season of wheat and high humidity are conducive to the spread of diseases.

Third, the preventive measures Because the incidence of wheat smut no disease can be cured, so the emphasis on the production of pesticide seed treatment prevention, that is, the choice of efficient and safe wheat seed coating agent. Studies have shown that the use of 4.8% Shimadan suspension seed coating agent to prevent scattered smut, the effect is more ideal. At the same time, root rot, sheath blight, and total rot disease can be prevented in soil-borne wheat diseases. Medication method: 20 to 30 ml of 4.8% Shima Mace suspension seed coating agent coating 12 to 15 kilograms of wheat species (acre sowing). Coat method: Diluted Shima Dan with 4 to 7 times of water, pour it on the seed and stir until the liquid is evenly distributed to the surface of the seed. Then dry it in a cool and ventilated place (not to be exposed to sunlight) and sow. In order to stagger agricultural time and increase efficiency, such as coating machinery nearby, wheat seeds can be coated in advance without affecting the use effect.

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