How do bees deal with natural enemies

Ants often crawl near beehives, enter hives from beehive crevices or nest doors, feed on honey, pollen, attack bees, and interfere with the bee's normal activities. Its prevention methods: 1 destroy the nests: After finding the nests, use wood piles or bamboo sticks to drill 3-4 holes about 60 centimeters deep, infuse kerosene, and then fill with the earth; you can also open nests, sprinkle lime, and then Water or spray 5%-10% sodium sulfite solution for control. 2 Raised beehive: Play one stake in each corner of the beehive and apply asphalt or tung oil to the stake to repel the ants. 3 control of mirex: This medicine has special effects on ants and is harmless to bees. When the ants were found to have harmed the bees, 3-5 grams of mirex were sprinkled on the ant road and the ants, allowing them to poison the entire nest ant after returning to the nest.

The insectivore, also known as the fly-dog, has a yellow to black body with white spots and a body length of 30 mm. Insectivorous bugs are widely distributed in the fields or in the wilderness. They often stay near the beeyard and wait to catch the bees. When they catch the bees, they swoop up and cling to the bees. They pierce the mouthparts into the bees' neck membranes to suck in the hemolymph. Dead bees. The control of insectivores can be done by hand.

Adult moths hide in dark places during the day and fly out at night to search for nectar or honey for food. Once it smells the smell of honey in the swarm, it sneaked into the beehive from the nest door to steal honey. When the nest door is too small to enter, it will use the abdominal part of the beehive to rub the sound to disturb the bee colony or to disturb the bee colony outside the beehive gap. The hornworm has little effect on western honeybees. Once the hawk moth breaks into the bee colony, it will cause the bee to abandon its nest and flee. The method of prevention and control is: adding 3% crystal trichlorfon 1000 times solution to the syrup and pouring it into the sponge carrier; it is put around the beeyard at night and recovered early next morning; honey can also be added into the container and covered with the above. The iron cage that had a funnel-shaped opening was drowned when the moth entered the cage and drank honey.

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