Sweet potatoes are not suitable for everyone

Sweet potato bogey eaten with persimmon

According to experts from the China Nutrition Society, sweet potatoes and persimmons should not be eaten at the same time in a short period of time. If there is a lot of food, they should be separated by at least five hours. If consumed at the same time, sweet potato sugar in the stomach fermentation, will increase the secretion of gastric acid, and persimmon tannin, pectin reaction precipitated aggregation, resulting in a hard mass, the amount of more serious when the stomach may cause bleeding or gastric ulcers. If you feel uncomfortable in the stomach, be sure to go to the hospital for gastroscopy to see if there is a stomach or stomach ulcer.

When should sweet potatoes eat

Sweet potatoes lack protein and lipids, so they must be eaten together with vegetables, fruits, and protein foods to prevent nutritional imbalance. Most importantly, sweet potatoes are best eaten at this prime time of lunch. This is because after we have eaten the sweet potatoes, the calcium contained in them needs to be absorbed within 4 to 5 hours in the human body, and the afternoon sunlight can just promote the absorption of calcium. In this case, eating sweet potatoes at lunchtime, calcium can be fully absorbed before dinner, and will not affect the absorption of calcium in other foods during dinner.

Sweet potato contains an oxidase enzyme, which easily produces a large amount of carbon dioxide gas in the human gastrointestinal tract. For example, sweet potato eats too much, causing people to bloat, hiccup, and fart.

Sweet potatoes have a high sugar content. Eating too much produces a lot of stomach acid, which makes people feel "heartburn." As the stomach is stimulated by the acid, it strengthens and contracts. At this time, the cardiac muscles at the junction of the stomach and esophagus are relaxed. The acid in the stomach is refluxed into the esophagus and the person vomits acid and water.

With more sugar, the body can't absorb it for a while, and the rest can be fermented in the intestines. It can also make the stomach uncomfortable.

Therefore, the popular sweet potato health regimen is not suitable for everyone. If you have symptoms of diarrhea after eating, don't be forced. Changing to brown rice has the same effect.

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