Tian fish summer flower cultivation problems

The use of fry to cultivate summer flowers is an important measure to solve the problem of the source of fish in paddy fields. According to the author's investigation, it has been found that farmers still have many problems in the cultivation of seedlings. Special cases include the following five situations, which are used by the majority of farmers to prevent similar situations from occurring and improve the results of seedling cultivation.

First, the cleaning and disinfecting measures are not in place

1. Most of Pei Miaotian did not carry out drug disinfection, and there are hidden dangers in the cultivation of seedlings.

2. Most of the nursery fields did not install blocking facilities. As a result, frogs spawned in the field and spawned frog eggs, severely affecting the seedlings. Although some farmers have installed blocking facilities, the mesh is too large to provide security. For example, Cheng Xintong, a Pei Miao household in Shengshan Village of Jiekeng Township, has a large mesh. The frog still drills into the Miaotian area to eat seedlings and lay eggs. This is a typical example of the safety of the seedlings.

Second, before the seedlings are not cultivated in water quality, the fry lacks natural bait.

Water quality is an important measure to solve the natural food of fry. Judging from the situation in various regions, except for a few rural households who attach importance to water quality cultivation measures, a considerable number of rural households do not do what they are required to do according to technical requirements. As a result, the soil fertile Tian Pei seedlings are better; the poor soil quality is less effective. Due to the lack of good grasp of water quality, the survival rate of fry is low and the growth of fish species is not good.

Third, the seedling density is not standard, blindness

The water level of paddy fields is shallow, generally 30,000-50,000 acres are planted in fields, and 50,000-80,000 can be raised. From the investigation, the stocking density is generally high, and some acres are about 100,000, and some are higher. Some farmers put a few batches of fry in the field with the result of large differences in the size and quality of the fish. Some do not pay attention to the quality of fry, see seedlings to buy, if the quality of the fry is too poor, it will lead to failure of seedlings. As a result of the poor quality of the first batch of fry, and the impact on the climate, the first time the seedlings failed to complete the cultivation of the seedlings.

Fourth, poor water quality control, free water

When the fields in Miaotian are drained, the farmers often put the water directly, without filtering, and as a result, the impurities in the water and the wild fish enter the field, affecting the effect of fry feeding. It is also common for fishermen not to pay attention to staging water after being thrown in the field. Farmers generally fill the fields with water at one time. The result is that the water quality is not aged and it is not good for the seedlings.

Fifth, do not pay attention to feeding fertilizer, fish growth is slow

Under normal circumstances, it takes about 25 days for a regular seedling farm to cultivate a 1-inch long summer flower fish species, and the fish body is fat and has good quality. In the same period of time, the specifications of the fish farms in the mountainous areas were not as good as those of the fish farm. The main reason was that the feeding and fertilizer measures could not keep up. If the seedlings were planted in the same way as the seedlings, the growth and development of the fishes was normal and the quality was not better than They are bad.

Six, the impact of predators is great, the survival rate of fry is low

There are many predators that affect fish fry. There are otters, water mice, and water snakes in the water. There are birds in the air. There are wild cats and wild animals on the land. Especially the bird damage, the households are unstoppable. According to Hu Yuandi of Qianyi Village, Shangtang Town, this year he The juniper fish farmed several dozen Egrets overnight, and only two days later, the fish species were eaten and the losses were serious. How to prevent predators from eating fish, although there are many methods, but it is difficult to be completely safe, and the majority of households need to continue to explore.

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