Eat 3 types of food to prevent hair loss crisis

White hair or hair loss can be embarrassing. Maybe you haven't had any results with various methods. It's best to eat more zinc-containing foods.

Protein-containing foods

The daily intake of protein is a hair growth agent. Excellent protein includes fresh fish, meat, eggs, soy products, milk and so on. These protein-rich foods, after being digested and absorbed by the gastrointestinal system, can form various kinds of amino acids. After entering the bloodstream, they are absorbed by the dermal papillae at the root of the hair, and the keratin is synthesized. After keratinization, it is our hair. This process fully shows that protein is the basis of hair.

Food containing trace elements

Trace elements such as copper and iron also play an important role in maintaining the health of the hair. The lack of copper can cause hair color to fade. Iron plays an important role in ensuring the oxygen content of blood delivered to the hair. Green vegetable foods are rich in basic inorganic salts (calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, etc.) that neutralize the acidic substances that are not conducive to hair growth in the body, and make them non-toxic substances excreted.

Vitamin-containing foods

Hair loss and dandruff are common symptoms of vitamin A deficiency. In carrots, spinach, lettuce leaves, almonds, nucleolus, mangoes and other fruits and vegetables contain more vitamin a, and animal liver, fish, shrimp and egg foods also contain more vitamin a; vitamin b can Promote scalp metabolism, it is generally present in fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains; sebaceous glands normal ability to secrete oil depends on adequate intake of vitamin c, while vitamin c can activate microvascular wall, so that the root can smoothly absorb the blood nutrition.

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