How should bitter gourd eat health care best?

Balsam pear is native to tropical Asia and is named after melon and melon.

Interestingly, if bitter gourd is boiled and fried with other foods, such as bitter gourd roasting meat, bitterness does not come into the meat, so there is a good name for “gentleman dish”.

Although bitter gourd tender bitter, but the old melon sweet. This is because the bitterness of the tender melon is derived from glycogen and its taste is very bitter. When the fruit matures, the glycogen is decomposed and the bitterness disappears.

The red gums around the seeds are as sweet as honey, and children often scramble to eat.

Health is cold, cooked is the temperature

Traditional medicine believes that bitter gourd is bitter, raw is cold, and cooked is warm.

Raw food, summer heat and diarrhea, antipyretic and annoying; cooked food and nourishing liver, spleen and kidney, can eliminate evil heat, lack of solution, pure heart and eyesight, Qi and impotence.

Can relieve fever, polydipsia, heat stroke, dysentery, jaundice and so on.

Folks often use bitter gourd in the summer to clear away heat and clear away the eyes and detoxify their eyesight. At the same time, bitter gourd is rich in dietary fiber and vitamin c, which is nearly three times that of tomato.

Vitamin C is an excellent antioxidant that can increase the body's stress and reduce the risk of cancer.

In addition, bitter gourd also contains bitter melon, a variety of amino acids, calcium, phosphorus, carotene, b vitamins and so on.

In the summer, people are prone to heat stroke, and the combination of rain and heat makes eating bitter gourds extremely beneficial to the body.

Bitter melon can be fried, boiled, refreshing, long aftertaste.

Best with spicy food

But to eat bitter gourd should also be careful not to damage the spleen and lung.

In spite of the hot summer weather, people cannot eat too much bitter food, and it is best to use spicy foods (such as pepper, pepper, onion, and garlic) to avoid bitterness and help replenishing lungs.

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