Simple vegetarianism is not a way of longevity

With the increasing number of rich necks, people are becoming more and more interested in vegetarian food. Some people even think that all diseases are caused by excessive consumption of animal food. It is undeniable that vegetarian diets can reduce the intake of cholesterol and saturated fatty acids. In order to prevent cholesterol from entering the bloodstream and reduce obesity and hypercholesterolemia and coronary heart disease, it can also regulate metabolic function and strengthen skin's nutrition. However, the latest research shows that vegetarian diets are good for health but not good for physical fitness.

Because the food is too monotonous, it will lead to malnutrition and the resistance will decline. Experts believe that only under special circumstances can vegetarians be used as temporary dietary measures. It is well known that botanical foods are rich in vitamins, inorganic salts, and organic acids, but lack the hematopoietic trace elements such as cobalt, manganese, iron, and copper. In addition, plant foods, except for oil, contain very little fat, but human bodies need at least 60-70 grams of fat per day and night. To meet this need, 5 kg of plant-based food should be eaten. Moreover, plant proteins can never replace animal proteins.

Nutritionists believe that the combination of plant foods and animal foods at a reasonable ratio can meet the needs of the body's growth and development. For a long-term vegetarian diet, the protein is not fully supplied. The consequences are memory loss, apathy, and unresponsiveness. Clinicians have discovered that protein deficiency is an important cause of digestive cancer. In addition, most of the nutrients necessary for the formation and development of the human brain must be taken from animal foods, such as the lack of brain degeneration and dementia.

Recently, American medical scientists pointed out that simple vegetarian diets cannot obtain vitamin B12 which can only be obtained from foraging. The lack of vitamin B12 in the body can lead to mental and psychological defects, memory loss, tongue swelling, difficulty in swallowing, and fatigue. Wait. If the pregnant woman eats for a long time, it can cause permanent damage to the fetal brain tissue. Girls eat vegetarian foods, which are detrimental to the normal development of the body.

Nutritionists unanimously believe that from the perspective of human evolution and anti-birth and longevity, it is not desirable for vegetarians or absolute vegetarians. People should abandon the traditional concept of vegetarian health. Only with meat and vegetarian dishes, nutrition is comprehensive, and a balanced diet can be achieved. The road to healthy longevity.

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