Electronic Weighing Apparatus - Basic Maintenance Guide

Electronic Weighing Apparatus - Basic Maintenance Guide

The electronic weighing instrument is a digitally displayed weight measuring instrument with an electronic device . It consists of: load cell , operational amplifier, A / D conversion integrated circuit, intelligent microcontroller, display drive and display circuit, keyboard circuit, multi-function interface circuit, AC / DC / charge / storage / voltage regulator circuit. The phenomena and root causes of various faults are very strange.
does not return to zero (does not return to zero, does not weigh)
Check if the sensor output signal value is within the standard. (A/D total enlargement code / use inner code range / bottom code range )
b is
not within the standard, please refer to the tenth item for compensation.
If the compensation is not possible, check if the sensor is defective. (Follow the eighth for detection)
Please follow the instructions to do the weight correction.
said the weight is not allowed
Observing whether the internal code value is stable, whether there is friction in all parts of the sensor, whether the stabilized power supply is stable, whether the operational amplifier circuit is normal, whether the circuit board of the A/D circuit has foreign matter, whether the feedback resistor / capacitor / filter capacitor is bad or leaking .
Check if the sensor output signal value is within the standard.
c is
not in the standard, please refer to the tenth item for compensation.
Use the weight to test whether the scale of the weighing pan is average. ( If it is not average, please refer to the ninth item for grinding scale )
Please follow the instructions to do weight correction.
can't boot
Please make sure that the problem is not caused by the fuse, power switch, power cord and voltage switch.
Check the transformer for AC110/220 input and AC18V output.
Remove the battery and turn it on with AC power to see if it is caused by insufficient battery voltage. ( Measure the battery voltage, it is higher than 6V , please charge when it is lower, if it is lower than 5.5V , and replace the battery when there is no power soon after charging . )
bad display
Connect the normal LCD pin to the maintenance scale LCD by hand . Then turn on the power and observe whether there is a good condition on the normal LCD . If not, it can be judged as bad LCD .
Check the CPU pins for oxidation, cold soldering or short circuit.
The pins and holes of the LCD are oxidized, cold welded or short-circuited.
Check the line between the CPU and LCD for open circuit.
bad buttons
Please update the K/B test first. If the new K/B function is normal, it can be judged as K/B .
Measure whether there is any open circuit or cold welding between the K/B and the CPU .
Check if the K/B foot has a bad contact.
Measure whether there is a short circuit between the K/B and the diode on the CPU circuit. Open circuit.
can not scale to full load
Check if the sensor output signal value is within the standard.
b is
not in the standard, please refer to the Ten items are for compensation.
If the compensation is not possible, check if the sensor is defective. ( Please follow the eighth item for testing )
If the d compensation is unstable or cannot be compensated, please replace the sensor.
Check that there is interference from the wireless material or the protective device inside.
f Is the
battery voltage above 6V ?
Replace the L/C test for poor sensor.
battery can not store electricity
Please make sure that it is not a fuse, Caused by problems with the power switch, power cord, and voltage switch.
Check the transformer for AC110/220 input and AC18V output.
remove the battery from the board and remove the PIN . Whether the charging voltage of the tester is about 7.2V , if not enough, please check the power supply related circuit.
Check the machine version, and insert the transformer input terminal into the diode near the PIN is normal.
Replace the battery.
sensor bad judgment
static Method: Use of a voltmeter Ohms, respectively, the amount E + of the sensor measurement of S +, S- (E- or pair S +, S- may be) Resistance Values are the same, in general error compensation to be done more than 0.5Ω, such as the error is too large (more than 2 [Omega) is built It is recommended to replace L/C .
Dynamic Method b: the sensor correctly wired back to the motherboard, the use of several meters (four and a half or more preferred) DCV file, the measurement of S + and S- to whether the voltage is equal to ground (ZUI good 0 Error ) , if not equal, sensor compensation is required.
angle coupling adjustment (single sensor)
First weight correction.
Measure the displayed value at the four corners of the weighing pan with the full load of 1/3 weight.
c Use
the boring tool to grind the 1~4 angle in the middle of the scale value zui low and press the zero. ( *When grinding the scale, please test the force with a small force test to avoid damage to the sensor )
repeat 2~3 actions until the weighing pan 4 The angle with the center as the reference error is within ±1 hop, and then the weight correction can be performed.
If the error of the four corners of the weighing pan is too large and it is too large after grinding the scale, it means that the sensor is faulty or the grinding scale method is wrong.
f When
grinding the scale, pay attention to the sensor specifications. The lighter the full load, the lighter the grinding force.
sensor compensation
sensor output signal is too high, please add a resistor (50K~2.2MΩ depending on the situation ) . The signal between the sensor's "E+S-" makes the value to the normal range ( the lower the resistance value = the lower the sensor output signal ) .
sensor output signal is too low or -ERR please add a resistor (50k ~ 2.2MΩ depending on the situation ) between the sensor "E + ~ S +" to make the signal value to the normal range ( the lower the resistance value = the higher the sensor output signal ) .
Appendix: Method for detecting A/D circuit amplification code
Debug the electronic scale to the internal setting state (to display the current internal code status), apply the full weighing weight, record the amplified code value, and their relationship: bottom code value + full scale amplification code + safety zone code

1 ton weighbridge, 2 ton weighbridge, 3 ton weighbridge function description:

Free 24 hours a day, seven days a week: Diligence - Dou Electronic Small Weighbridge Specifications:
The electronic small scale scale is based on a solid carbon steel material with a thickness of 8mm and a carbon steel skeleton. It is durable and durable.
The standard structure of the ground balance is equipped with 4 sets of adjustable feet for easy installation.
£ Use the IP67 waterproof junction box (Junction Box) to connect 4 high-precision sensors.
£ can be easily connected to a weight control display to read weight data and activate other functions.
It is widely used in warehouses, workshops, freight yards, bazaars, construction sites, etc. It is suitable for weighing of lifting materials, weighing of forklift trucks, weighing of small cars and weighing of manual handling.
£ Single window red light tube display, easy to use and easy to read in a variety of different working environments.
£Auto zero tracking, full deduction and weight accumulation.
£The overall surface chemical treatment, beautiful, anti-corrosion, spray table, clean and durable.
£ Simple calibration for users, AC and DC, due to unique design, low power consumption.
£ can be connected to the RS232 interface or directly connected to the printer interface. (optional)
£ can be connected to a remote display within 10 meters.
£Automatically reset to zero, the operation is simple and convenient.
The possibility of optional belt printing instrument and double slope.
£ Range: 500KG 1T 2T 3T 5T ​​10T 15T 20T 25T1m*1m 1m*1.2m 1.2*1.2m 1.2*1.5m 1.5*1.5m 1.5*2m 2*2m 2*3m 2*4
The electronic small scale scale is a small tonnage electronic pound, mainly used for the acceptance and exit of the feed; there are two forms: foundation pit and pitless.
Electronic scale features: Compared with traditional mechanical scales and other ground scales, the weighbridge has many significant advantages: fast weighing, accuracy, high sensitivity, digital display, intuitive and easy to read, stability, reliability, long life. Especially in dangerous and harsh environments, it can better reflect the role of electronic scales. The whole electronic platform system has stable and reliable high-precision sensors and intelligent instrument display. The instrument has the advantages of high sensitivity, high resolution, stable and reliable, and easy to print. If it is combined with computer and weighing software to form a weighing management system, it can also be realized. Weighing long-distance transmission, centralized automation management.
Advantages of SCS electronic platform scale system: For example: the weight of the scale body is light (the platform is ultra-thin steel structure), which is convenient for installation and handling. It is convenient to install, debug and maintain. It can be installed in two types: shallow foundation pit and foundationless pit. The basic construction investment cost is low.
Electronic small scale features:
The main function of the £ depends on the weighing instrument. The instrument can be Yaohua, MMS, Southeast, Toledo. All the instruments of the company have the conversion of peeling, zeroing, kilogram and pound;
£ display color is red or green digital tube;
£Zero automatic tracking;
£ AC and DC dual-use battery, can be used continuously for 120 hours after charging;
£RS232 computer serial parallel interface;
£ can be equipped with a large screen for easy weighing in the workshop and warehouse;
The scale body structure is thin, the overall height is 8~13mm, and it is resistant to impact and four layers of paint on the surface of the scale body;
£Select 4 high-precision, high-sensitivity professional weighing sensors for stable and accurate weighing;
£All stainless steel junction box, high waterproof rating, stable and reliable performance;
Electronic scale scale: 500kg, 1T, 2T, 3T, 5T, 6T, 10T, 15T, 20T, 200T;
Electronic scale scale error: 1kg, 0.2kg, 0.5kg, 1kg, 2kg, 5kg, 10kg, 20kg, 50kg;
Electronic scale size: 0.8*1.0; 1.0*1.0; 1.0*1.2; 1.2*1.2; 1.2*1.5; 1.5*1.5; 1.5*2.0; 2.0*2.0; 2.0*3.0; 2.0*4.0;
Electronic scale material: square tube structure, steel plate and channel steel material, the price depends mainly on the material and table size, the surface is selected from 4~10mm thick flat steel or pattern steel; the surface four-layer paint anti-rust treatment. The company is engaged in electronic scales. The sales industry has a good reputation and reputation for 10 years! Products are sold throughout the country: Shanghai, Henan, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Heilongjiang, Shandong, Anwei, Shanxi, Hunan, Hubei, Sichuan, Jilin, Tianjin, Beijing, Fujian and other regions. Now on the electronic scales, electronic hook scales, electronic balance special supply, quality assurance, worry-free after-sales!

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