Pruning of colored pepper

Under normal circumstances, pruning is not carried out before the branches and leaves between the tree and the tree are overlapped with each other, and the yield of the first pod is increased as much as possible.

When the first loquat fruit is harvested, the vegetative growth will be accelerated. At this time, pruning begins. According to growth and space, 2 to 3 main branches per plant, 3 strong main branches to grow strong, and 2 main branches to grow weak. Plants surrounded by missing trees or places with large space can choose to leave 4 main branches.

The branches that need to be topped generally retain 3 to 4 leaves and hold the top, leaving the fruit generally from the main branch; if the main branch does not sit on the fruit, it can also remain on top of the branch after leaving a fruit. The leaves that are unfolded when topping are to be retained, and the unfolded leaves and excess buds are knocked out.

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