The chicken fermentation bed is clean and healthy

Those who have been to a chicken farm will certainly be deeply impressed. When they did not go to the chicken farm, they would smell the stench of chicken droppings and saw the flies fly. However, few chicken farms in Wuyang County, Henan Province did not have the slightest odor, and chicken squirts and flies were even rare in the chicken house. What has happened here? It is understood that the original application of a new type of ecological ring care chicken - Jinbao dry fermentation bed chicken breeding technology.

The technology of raising chickens in the fermentation bed is to lay the ground with fermentation function in livestock and poultry housings, and the ground is paved with litter added with special fermentation bacterial agents. Fermentation is the process of the growth and reproduction of chicken manure by chicken manure with the help of litter.

Although chickens in fermented-bed chickens and traditional litters have to be paved on the floor, the biochemical changes that occur in litters and the effects of litters are essentially different. Generally, the litter in the litter chicken is thinner, and the change of the chicken litter in the litter is mainly corruption process. It does not have the fermentation function and has little effect on the decomposition of chicken litter. The litter mainly absorbs the moisture and odor of chicken droppings. The role is not obvious heat production, litter is relatively wet, the odor in the house is heavy. On the contrary, the padding of chickens in fermented beds is thick and requires about 40 centimeters. Special fermentation strains are added. The litter has a special fermentation function. Fermentation can completely decompose chicken manure. There is almost no odor in the chicken house. Fermentation It generates heat, which in turn transpires the moisture in the chicken manure into the air. The litter stays dry.

Fermentation bed technology is divided into wet fermentation and dry scattering. The earlier fermentation beds were wet technology. The wet fermentation beds needed to mix litter materials with bacteria and a certain proportion of water and ferment them for a certain period of time. Then the litter was put into the pens to feed livestock and poultry. It has exposed many defects such as poor air permeability, poor sleep, and short service life. Developed by Beijing Huaxia Kangyuan Technology Co., Ltd., Jinbao dry-spraying fermentation bed has many advantages such as convenient application, high swine efficiency and reliable long-term effect. It replaces the traditional wet fermentation bed in one go and is invincible in the competition among peers. Ground.

Jinbao Fermenting Bed Feeding broiler chickens with dry-sanding fermentation technology can achieve clean and environmental protection, healthy chickens, smooth growth, provincial labor, provincial coal and electricity, and improved quality of chickens.

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