The world's smallest ultrasonic sensor is available – it can be used to explore the micro-environment inside the cell

Release date: 2010-08-19

British researchers said on the 16th that they made the world's smallest ultrasonic sensor. It is so tiny that it can be lined up on a single strand of hair. This result can be widely used to explore the micro-environment inside the cell.
The University of Nottingham issued a bulletin on the same day, saying that the school's Applied Optics Research Group produced the miniature ultrasonic sensor. It is much smaller than existing ultrasonic sensors, and 500 of these sensors are placed together to reach the width of one hair. It has both ultrasonic and optical properties, which are slightly deformed when ultrasonic waves are sensed. This deformation can be detected by the laser that illuminates them, thereby obtaining ultrasonic information; conversely, if a laser pulse is emitted to it, it also It can be excited to emit ultrasonic waves to detect the target object.
Researcher Matt Clarke said that the rise of nanotechnology has led to the need for miniature ultrasound detectors, and the new devices they developed have extended ultrasound detection technology to the nanoscale. At present, the more familiar ultrasonic application is medical examination. This new type of equipment can be used to perform ultrasonic examination on the inside of a cell to provide physiological information that was difficult to obtain in the past.
In addition, the ultrasonic sensor has a high resolution, and the frequency of the sound wave used exceeds the frequency of visible light, so in theory it can obtain a clearer image than the best optical microscope.

Source: Technology Daily

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