The efficacy and role of pepper

Zanthoxylum bungeanum is a unique spice in China and ranks first in the seasoning of “Thirteen Fragrance”. No matter it is braised, lo mei, side dish, Sichuan kimchi, chicken, duck, fish, sheep and cattle, it can be used for it. It can also be coarsely ground into powder and salt and mixed well into salt and pepper for consumption. It is divided into two kinds of big pepper and step pepper. It is a good seasoning and can also be pressed. The oil yield is above 25%.

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Pepper oil has a strong aroma and is a good edible oil. The production of pepper is spicy and spicy, and the fragrance will overflow after being fried. It can be used alone in cooking, such as pepper noodles; it can also be used as a seasoning with other raw materials. It is widely used and has good effects, such as spiced noodles, pepper and salt, onion and salt.

Nutritional analysis

The peel contains volatile oil. The main components of the oil are limonene, Cumic alcohol, and ? Geraniol. In addition, it contains various compounds such as plant sterols and unsaturated organic acids.

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1. The smell of pepper is aromatic, which can eliminate the odor of various meats, promote saliva secretion and increase appetite;

2. Studies have found that pepper can dilate blood vessels, which can lower blood pressure;

3. Taking pepper water can drive off parasites.

4. Chuanjiao meat thick skin wrinkles, slightly smaller than Qin pepper, and there are green peppers, peppers. In the Qin pepper, there are lion heads, namely Dahongpao; rice peppers, namely Xiaohongpao; oil peppers (large peppers).

The effect of pepper

In addition to a variety of meat sputum; promote saliva secretion, increase appetite; make blood vessels dilate, thereby reducing blood pressure; take pepper water to remove parasites; have aroma, stomach, cold, dehumidification, pain, insecticide Detoxification, anti-itch and antispasmodic effects.

people suitble

The general population can eat, pregnant women, yin and anger are not eating.

Prickly pepper classic diet

Weaning and retort: ​​take 6 grams of pepper, add 400 ml of water, soak it, dilute it to 200 ml, add brown sugar 30-60 g, drink it once a day on the day of weaning, once a day, about 1-3 Heaven can be back.

Treatment of dysmenorrhea: 10 grams of pepper, 3 grams of pepper, two flavors of research fine powder, white wine into a paste, applied to the umbilical eye, external wounds and pain relief cream closed, once a day, this method is suitable for cold coagulation Dysmenorrhea due to qi

Treatment of baldness: Appropriate amount of pepper is soaked in white wine with high alcohol content. When used after 1 week, use a clean soft cloth to rub the scalp and rub the scalp several times a day. If it is washed with ginger juice, the effect is even more it is good.

Treatment of hemorrhoids: 1 pepper, put into a small cloth bag, tie the mouth, boiled in the basin with boiling water, the patient first wash the affected area with hot air, until the water temperature drops to not hot, then take a bath. The whole process takes about 20 minutes, one time each morning and evening.

Treatment of knee pain: 50 grams of pepper crushed, 10 pieces of fresh ginger, 6 pieces of scallions, chopped, three mixed together, packed in a cloth, put a hot water bottle on the medicine bag, heat for 30 to 40 minutes, 2 times a day .

Prickly chicken

Ingredients: 2 chicken legs, about 400 grams, 1 green pepper, 1 red pepper, 10 grams of pepper, 25 grams of dried chili, 20 grams of ginger, 15 grams of onion, 10 grams of garlic, 2 tablespoons of soy sauce (30ml), cooking wine 1 tablespoon (15ml), 1 teaspoon of sugar (5g), 1 teaspoon of sesame oil (5ml), salt, small amount of chicken, 50g of oil, 50g of fresh soup


1. Cut the chicken legs longitudinally, take out the chicken leg bones, cut into 1.5 cm square pieces; mix with cooking wine, soy sauce, and a small amount of salt for 20 minutes; dry peppers are cut into sections for use; green peppers and red peppers are used to remove the tendons. After cutting, the block is ready for use;

2, put more oil in the pot, when burning to 50% heat, put the chicken to fry until golden, remove and drain;

3, leave 2 tablespoons (30ml) of oil in the pot, add pepper, dried chili and saute;

4, add ginger, onion, garlic slices saute;

5, put the fried chicken and stir fry;

6, add 1 teaspoon cooking wine, 1 tablespoon soy sauce, 1 teaspoon sugar, chicken essence, fresh soup; add green pepper, red pepper and stir well;

7. After the soup is dried, pour 1 teaspoon of sesame oil into the pan.

Pepper fillet

[Materials] 1 grass carp (about 1000 grams), 200 grams of enoki mushroom, 50 grams of green onions, 30 grams of pepper, 3 grams of salt, 5 grams of MSG, 3 grams of chicken, 25 grams of cooking wine, 2 grams of pepper, 100 grams of salad oil, 1 egg, 20 grams of soy flour, 200 grams of broth, 20 grams of ginger

[practice] 1, grass carp slaughter to scale, go to sputum, laparotomy to the internal organs to wash, and then the bones to the first piece into fish fillets. Onion cuts, ginger slices. The enoki mushroom is washed into boiling water and boiled slightly. The fish fillets are mixed with a little wine, and the egg white powder is ready for use.

2, wok set on the fire, add 50 grams of salad oil to 60% heat, the next ginger, onion festival fried stir-fry, mixed with broth, wine, salt, pepper, chicken boiling. Put the good-quality fish fillets into the wok until the ripening pot is put into the pot and add the MSG.

3, another pot set on the fire, put 50 grams of oil to burn to 70% heat, the pepper is fried and the pot is drizzled on the top of the fish fillet

Classic small square pepper wine

[Production method]: mash the pepper and arborvitae leaves, put them into the bottle, pour the white wine (45 degrees), seal and soak, shake frequently, and take it after half a month.

[Efficacy and Indications]: Xin Wen Shuan, antipyretic and pain relief. It is used to prevent and cure the four-time plague, cold, fever and headache.

【Method】: In the epidemic season of respiratory and digestive tract infectious diseases, drink 10-20 ml on an empty stomach every morning.

[Description]: This wine is a folk prescription and can be used to prevent influenza.

Ma Yueling’s usage of pepper in the book

Seek medical advice online: remove psoriasis and eczema - the magic of pepper, ginger and meridians

Treatment of psoriasis should generally be in the summer. The patient should drink ginger water every day, then crush one or two peppers, soak it in a pound of high-alcohol for half a month, and then rub it several times a day in the affected area. When the patient feels that the internal heat is high, he can be behind the patient. Scraping, scraping from the heart of Yushu to Shenshu, and then scraping the Jiexi point in the foot of the patient's leg, the ç—§zui is good, and after 2 to 3 days, the psoriasis on the patient will quickly fade away, and then Use diet to tonify blood and avoid all cold foods. After such treatment, patients will not have a major recurrence in the future, but there may be a small recurrence when the body is weak. Neck and shoulder pain, pepper, ginger to save

2. Take 1 2 pepper and soak in 55 degrees of white wine. To buy better quality pepper, go home and put it into a pulverizer to make a powder, then soak for 1 to 2 days. Rub the pepper on the painful area, squat up and down, and then simmer on the hot water bottle, taking care not to burn. When the pain is severe, squat for a while, then use the wine cellar, apply it after heat, and repeat it. It has effects on the treatment of low back pain, knee joint swelling and pain, and frozen shoulder. If you smoke it with moxa for 30 minutes, it will be better when you smoke it. One autumn, a young and beautiful girl came to me and said that she had a scapulohumeral periarthritis. She couldn’t sleep at night and went to the hospital for physical therapy. I asked her if she often wears a halter top in the summer. She nodded and said that it was air-conditioned to go to work. She couldn't do without air conditioning when she got home from work. Her shoulders were always exposed. There was a little bit of pain in the summer. I didn't care. The weather was getting colder and my shoulders were getting more and more painful. I found her shoulder zui pain, painted pepper, and smoked with moxa, while beating with smoked smoke. After half an hour, let her lift her shoulders, apply wine at the pain point, and smoke for 30 minutes. As the shoulders continue to rise, the pain zone will change constantly, so the treatment time will be slightly longer. Two hours later, her shoulders were free to move and no longer hurt. I told her to go back and let her family help her with this method several times to consolidate the effect. Also told her, cut a few slices of ginger to soak in water, to persist for a while, eat less cold things. After zui, I want to remind everyone that no matter how hot the weather is, wear clothes that cover the shoulders. When you sleep, you must wear sweatshirts with shoulders, and often move the meridians of the shoulders, so that the periarthritis of the shoulders will stay away from us.

Treatment of low back pain

2. When the back pain is obvious, you can put a thin piece of ginger or pepper on the back pain area, and then use 6 to 8 pieces of Qing Ai to smoke up and down for 30 to 60 minutes, after 2 to 3 times, and then Use the scraping method at the waist to clear the meridians of the waist.

Local method of sputum cold and wet meridians:

1 Use half a catty of high-alcohol liquor, then take one or two peppers, crush and soak in white wine. You can use it after one week. Apply red pepper to the knee joint several times a day. Apply a few times and apply both hands.搓揉 搓揉 搓揉 搓揉 搓揉 搓揉 搓揉 搓揉 搓揉 搓揉 搓揉 搓揉 搓揉 搓揉 搓揉 搓揉 搓揉 搓揉 搓揉 并不 并不 并不 并不 并不 并不 并不 并不 并不 并不 并不 并不 并不 并不 并不 并不 并不 并不 并不 并不 并不 并不 并不 并不 并不 并不 并不 并不 并不 并不 并不 并不 并不 并不 并不 并不 并不Swelling.

Cold cough

4. Pear, pepper, rock sugar: a pear, washed, cut through the handle, digging the middle nucleus, put 20 peppers, 2 crystal sugar, put the upper part of the pear, put it in the bowl, on the pot Steaming for about half an hour, adults can eat it once, and children can eat it twice. Steamed pepper and rock sugar pears are very effective in treating cold cough.

Is black food a kidney food?

Any food that is supplemented or diarrhea must be seen in its attributes. Sexual and warm foods have a beneficial effect on the body throughout the year. Sexually cold, cold foods, except summer, try not to eat in other seasons; if you want to eat, you should also mix it with warm ginger, pepper, pepper, and pepper, so that you can take in the nutrients specific to these foods. It does not hurt the kidneys or hurt the stomach.

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