Cleverly prevent apple sunburn

Pay attention to the pruning of more fruit trees in the southwest side, increase the number of fruit trees, to reduce the chance of direct exposure of the branches of the sun and direct sunlight in the sun.

Timely watering ensures the water supply of the fruit trees during high temperature to reduce temperature and humidity, and prevent the harm of high temperature and strong light on the fruit. Especially in the event of drought, irrigation conditions should be immediately irrigated to increase the soil moisture content, so that when the fruit is heated at high temperatures, the amount of water consumed can be quickly replenished, reducing the incidence of sunburn.

The tree plate is covered with high temperature and drought before the tree tray is covered with a layer of straw, grass, or wheat bran which is 20 cm thick. This will not only protect the earthworms, but also reduce the temperature of the soil and prevent sunburn.

Foliar spray fertilizer spraying foliar fertilizer in August, can not only reduce the occurrence of sunburn, but also promote fruit development, improve fruit quality.

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