Leek harvesting processing

The leeks are also known as leeks, leeks, rapeseeds, and rapeseeds or rapeseeds. It is cruciferous, genus, one and two year old herbs, cabbage vegetables. Use young leaves, petioles, and unflowered tender clams. The leek is divided into two types: round leaf and mosaic leaf, in which the round leaf leek extracts late and yields high, which is suitable for overwintering cultivation. The leeks are mainly distributed in the Yellow River and the Huaihe River Basin, and Jiangsu and Shanghai are also more common. It is cultivated in winter and harvested in April of the second year to supply the off-season market; it is cultivated in early spring and harvested in stages from April to May; it is planted in soft winter and planted in winter and spring from January to April. Should be fresh sales.
(1) Harvesting requirements The leek grows until the flowers are harvested and can be harvested. The whole plant with pickings can be harvested.
(b) Storage characteristics and storage methods Refer to the relevant section of the vegetable soup.
(3) The listed quality standards are thick, fat, no hollow, color positive, no yellow leaves, no rotten leaves, no pests, and are bundled and basket-mounted.

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