Observing the method of sick pigs

1. Seeing a decent, healthy pig has a good spirit. The tail is upturned and shakes freely; the sick pig is apathetic, slow-moving, uncomfortable, and prone to drooping.

2. Appetite-sweeping pigs have a good appetite; sick pigs suddenly lose appetite, eating habits are abnormal and even stop eating. If a pig's appetite subsides and he likes drinking water, it is mostly a hot sex disease.

3. Look at nasal fluids. Healthy pigs do not have nasal fluids; if the pigs are clear, most of them are cold and cold, the nasal fluid is thick and the lungs have a fever, and the nasal fluids contain foam and have diseases such as pulmonary edema or chronic bronchitis.

4. Look at the feces of healthy pig manure soft and moist, cone-shaped, no special odor; if the pig's faeces are hard and small, mostly hot sexual disease; if the pig's faeces is thin as water or thin mud, the number of defecation increased significantly Or fecal incontinence, mostly enteritis or intestinal parasite infection; if the pigs discharge grayish white, grayish yellow or yellowish green watery feces with rancid odor, mostly whitefly, swine fever, swine erysipelas or porcine lung disease and other infectious diseases, feces often Mixed with mucus, pus, or blood.

5. Look at healthy sleeping pigs are generally on the side of sleep, muscle relaxation, breathing evenly; sick pigs are often the whole body attached to the ground, tired to sleep, if breathing is difficult, but also sitting like a dog.


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