do you know? The older the eggplant, the safer

Everyone knows that sprouting potatoes cannot be eaten. This is because potatoes produce solanine when they sprout. But you certainly do not know that eggplant also contains such substances, it is called solanine (solanine). Solanine has a strong heart, blood pressure, inhibition of cancer cells, inhibition of microbes and other effects, is one of the sources of eggplant health; but when the human body intake is high, it will also occur poisoning.

Scientific research has found that eggplants in unsaturated eggplants have a higher content than mature eggplants. The eggplant contains a high content of solanine during the harvest period, and the eggplant collected during the fast pulling process has a low content of solanine. The determination also found that the depth of eggplant skin color and the content of eggplant solanine have a great relationship, the content of purple eggplant is high, while the content of green eggplant is low. In other words, the darker the color of eggplant, the higher the content of solanine.

However, solanine does not exist in the eggplant skin, but mainly in the flesh. Therefore, it is ineffective to use the method of cutting off the eggplant skin to avoid ingestion of toxins. At the same time, solanine is basically insoluble in water, so it cannot be removed by boiling or boiling. The only way is to control intake. Fortunately, the content of solanine in eggplant is relatively low, and the highest variety does not exceed 0.8 milligrams per gram of dry weight. Converted into fresh eggplant, about 450 grams, this high solanine eggplant may reach an intake of 25 milligrams. At this time, discomfort such as nausea and vomiting may occur. 400 mg of solanine may be fatal to adults. Therefore, under normal circumstances, eating half a catty of eggplant at the next meal will not cause any trouble.

People have heard that raw tomatoes are toxic, and the trouble is also solanine. Eating 80-100 grams of pure green tomatoes may result in a level of solanine content that makes people feel sick. However, the green tomatoes are not as frightening as they were supposed to. As long as they stop eating, the symptoms will gradually ease. Eating more than 1.15 kilograms is life-threatening.

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