Use chemical herbicides to pay attention to five points

In order to improve the application of chemical herbicides and reduce the damage to crops and the environment, farmers should pay attention to the following issues when selecting herbicides.
First, choose the herbicide variety on the road. There are many varieties of herbicides, including stem and leaf treatment agents, soil treatment agents, contact herbicides, and natural herbicides. Some are suitable for pre-emergence weeding and some are suitable for weeding stems and leaves. Therefore, according to different crops, different periods of weeds were selected.
Second, choose the correct method of use. Trifluralin is easily photolyzed and volatilized and must be sprayed on the surface of the soil before it is covered with gums. The cable can be applied after sowing before emergence. Dole, fine stable kill can be applied in the weed seedling stage, as long as the appropriate concentration, relatively safe for crops.
Third, protect crops from harm. In fields with more monocotyledonous weeds, herbicides that mainly kill monocotyledonous weeds should be selected, and weeds with more dicotyledonous weeds should be selected to kill herbicides dominated by dicotyledonous weeds. For fields that are mixed with monocotyledonous and dicotyledonous weeds, weed herbicides that can kill mixed weeds should be selected, but they should only be applied during the pre-crop and weed initiation stages.
Fourth, according to different ecological environment medication. The effect of application of herbicidal ether under strong light is better, but trifluralin is easily volatilized to reduce the efficacy. In high temperature conditions, due to the strong herbicide activity, the dosage should be reduced; with the temperature change, according to the actual dose. Soil treatment agents have good application effects when soil moisture is high. Soils with a high content of organic matter should have a strong adsorption capacity for herbicides and should be increased in dosage. Sandy soils have good herbicidal effects, but they also have heavy phytotoxicity and should reduce the amount of medication used.
Fifth, adopt comprehensive measures to control weeds. Although the chemical weeding effect is good, due to the variety of weeds, long growth cycle, strong vitality, often die and resurrect. In order to improve the effect of weed killing, we must eliminate early and small; we must eliminate the weeds around the field; third, we must deep tillage to remove perennial deep-rooted weeds; and fourth, we must diligently cultivate and weed out annual weeds.

Cheese Cloth

Structure and composition: It is made of 100% pure cotton thread into plain weave cotton cloth of various widths, which is cut and folded.


Product performance: It is clean, odorless, soft to the touch, does not contain cotton leaves, cotton seed shells or other impurities, and has good water absorption performance.


Model specifications: Non-sterile type, with or without bleaching. The specifications are 36 "* 5/6/15/20 / 50Y, etc.


Packing: 1 piece / PE (OPP) bag, lined with printed cardboard or printed plastic bag, with 5-layer double corrugated kraft paper box.


Scope of application: Mainly used for raw materials of medical accessories or kitchen cooking operations.

Cotton Gauze Cheese Cloth

gauze cheese cloth

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