Biogas slurry feed method and precautions

1 Biogas slurry feeding method

1.1 Pre-test phase (about 15 days) Before the implementation of biogas slurry feeding, the pigs should be dewormed, stomach-enhanced and epidemic-proof, and the cooked food should be changed to feed raw food, fed 4 times a day, and quantified regularly. At the same time, use a jar to hold some of the biogas slurry in the circle every day to let it smell the smell of biogas slurry. When directly feeding with biogas slurry, the feed should be hungry for 1-2 tons to increase the appetite of the pig and then eat it. After the habit of pigs, feed the biogas slurry from as little as possible.

1.2 Feeding method Biogas slurry is taken from the discharge port of the biogas digester 40 days after the normal production of gas. Before taking, the floating foam on the surface of the biogas slurry should be opened to take the clear liquid, filtered through the gauze, and mixed into the pig feed to stir well.

1.3 The amount of feed used varies from less to more, usually 25 kg or less, feeding 4 times a day, 0.3 kg per head per feeding; 25 to 50 kg of pig weight, 0.6 kg per feed per head; pig weight 50 to 100 kg, feed 3 times a day, feed 1 kg per head each time; the pig weighs more than 100 kg and feeds l. 5 kg.

2 Biogas feed to pigs

2.1 According to the amount of feed intake, it is necessary to pay attention to the feed intake of the pigs fed with biogas slurry. If palatability is poor and there is excess, it should be reduced.

2.2 The biogas slurry should be fresh and pure. It must be the middle fresh pure biogas slurry of the biogas digester after 40 days of normal gas production to feed the pig. The pH value is preferably 6.8-7.2. Biogas slurry that does not produce a gas pool or sick tank cannot feed pigs. Otherwise, pathogenic bacteria and parasite eggs in biogas slurry are harmful to pigs. Can not just take a biogas slurry fed with ammonia odor, otherwise there is a stimulating pig, affecting feed intake. However, the biogas slurry cannot be removed after it has been stored for too long and it is susceptible to bacteria for a long time. After the general biogas slurry is taken out, it is stirred or placed for 1 to 2 hours (2 hours in winter and 1 hour in summer), so that the ammonia gas is emitted and then fed.

2.3 According to the situation, feed biogas slurry feed biogas slurry, if the pig diarrhea, indicating excessive biogas slurry or stomach can not adapt, you can reduce or stop l ~ 2 days before feeding, diarrhea symptoms can cure self-healing. Piglets do not feed biogas slurry, mainly due to gastrointestinal maladaption, affecting growth and development; feeding more than 20 kilograms of pigs with biogas slurry, the weight gain is obvious; sows fed before estrus can advance estrus, have more calving, during estrus and after pregnancy can not Feeding can easily affect the growth of piglets; postpartum plus feeding can increase milk quality and improve the quality of sow milk with good results. Don't use biogas instead of pig feed, and don't reduce your monthly feed.

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