Spring bee colony management points

1. In the early spring, check the warm and windless afternoons after the beginning of spring. Perform a thorough and comprehensive examination of all bee colonies to extract excess empty spleen to make the bees dense. Sweep the wax at the bottom of the box to reduce the emergence of the worms. The lack of nectar is immediately fed; Lost king group merged to have a king group. Less than 3 boxes of weak groups can be kept with strong groups in the same box. The two boxes are closely separated from each other with iron stencils. Each nest door is opened to facilitate thermal insulation, and it is easy to transfer the weak group eggs and insect spleen to the strong group for nurturing. Develop a strong group, and then supply the strong group's cover spleen to the weak group. 2. Note that the incubating nest door should be reduced to 2 to 3 cm, the bee-way frame is tightened to 8 to 9 mm, the outer space of the partition board and the inner cover plus the dry grass mat insulation, and the box plus the insulating grass curtain. From March to April, the insulation curtains were gradually removed from the outside to the inside, and the mountainous area should be retired slightly later than the plains and weak groups. 3. Expand the nest and create spoilage rapeseeds in the early flowering period, cultivate the horde, and raise them in a timely manner. When a large number of new bees came out of the house, the fine empty spleen was neatly added to the spleen and honey spleen. After the eggs were full, 1 spleen was added. In case of a cold wave, the spleen was temporarily added. The bees hi bit like the old spleen in the late winter, cut off the black old part of the bite, make the worker bees repair, for the queen to spawn. When the bee colony develops 6 to 7 framed bees and nested spleen honeyhouses with white wax spots, a nesting frame should be added in time to create a new spleen. 4. Control of bees as the nest larvae increase, the nest spleen over the small layer, the queen has nowhere to lay eggs, or even stop production, the nest within the breeding bee surplus, nest temperature increased, the old king group will appear a large number of male hive and Wangtai, Yu Qingqing In the weather, bee colonies soon divide into groups. For the purpose of breeding a colony of bees, it is necessary to control the separation of bees from the management. For a strong group that has 6 to 7 framed bees and a cover spleen with 5 frames, the cover spleen can be extracted in batches to weak groups, and then the egg worms and spleen can be taken out from the weak group and fed to the strong group; The spleen, appropriate expansion of the nest door, relaxation of bee road 12 mm, removal of the drone hive, removal of natural Wangtai, in order to achieve control of the bees hot. 5. Following the development of box breeding Italian bees to the 8-9 box, an empty box can be added in time as a breeding area. The group's potential continues to expand, and then gradually add empty spleen or frame. The following boxes of main honey sources such as Ziyunying were collected. In the first half of this week, each group required 10 to 12 boxes of spleen and 14 boxes of bees. During the 4 to 5 days before the flow of honey, the spleen and spleen were sealed. Empty spleen into the box; the eggs, insect spleen, powder spleen and the other two boxes nest base, 2 boxes empty spleen and queen bees into the nest box; nest box and the box after the addition of the king board. Spleen out of the room after the lid of the box, you can free up room for honey. When the bee colony is less than 14 frames, the young bees and the cover spleen of the weak group can be adjusted to make the bees have sufficient storage room for the honey and sufficient time for honey to increase the quality of the honey.

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Honey produced by bees from a wide variety of flowers, in which no particular species of flower predominates. Its colour and flavour can vary: from amber to darker tones, and from sweeter to more intense flavours. Slow to crystallize in small crystals.

Polyflora honey is the most popular and searched honey, collected by multiple field and mountain flowering species. This type of honey is highly appreciated for its rich flavor profile, nutritional and medicinal qualities as well as higher content of minerals compared to most monofloral honeys. Rich in different pollen types and varied nutritional profile, polyflora honey contribute a stronger immune system and better health. Each nectar in its composition brings elements with a unique therapeutic action, making polyflora honey delicious and healthier option. 

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