The pond raises the mitten crab

The earthen ponds for young crabs are preferably freshly dug, with an area of ​​0.5-1 mu. The water depth is 1-1.5 meters. The bottom of the pool is rigid. The pool is solid and does not leak water. It is close to the water source, and the water quality is good. It is convenient for drainage and drainage. Plastic boards and other materials are built to prevent escape. If an old pond is used, it is necessary to renovate dredging and compact the pool. The cement pool is used as a breeding pond for young crabs, with an area of ​​about 50 square meters. The wall of the pool must be smoothed, and the four corners should be built into a round orphan shape. The top of the pool should be out of the way to prevent escape, and drainage pipes should be built. Ten days before the crabs are stocked, they are disinfected and killed with clearing agents such as quicklime. The water inlet should be sealed with dense mesh polyethylene mesh to prevent pests from entering the water. In order to enable the crabs to eat palatable natural foods after stocking, about 3-5 kilograms of decomposed cow dung should be fermented per acre three to five days before planting, to cultivate rotifers, twigs, etc. In addition, appropriate amount of duckweed, water peanuts, etc. should be stocked in the pond to prepare a good habitat for crabs and young crabs. The stocking density of crabs depends on the conditions of the pond, the level of management, the conditions of the bait, and the specifications required for the juvenile to go out of pond. Usually put 2-3 kg per acre, such as the pool conditions are better, adequate feed, feeding and management levels are high, the stocking density can be appropriately increased, the density of the cement pool can be larger. After the stocking of crabs, we must implement regular, fixed-point, qualitative, quantitative feeding, so that crabs, juveniles eat, eat well and promote the growth of shelling. The nutrient composition of the feed is based on the needs of different growth stages of juvenile crabs. The first few days can be fed egg yolk, bean cake, fish paste and so on. After crab shells become metamorphosed as juvenile crabs, they can be made into paste-like feeds such as small fish, bean cakes, and cakes, and some vitamins and minerals are added appropriately. Feeding of food should be equipped with more food stations. Cast evenly to avoid young crabs fighting for food. Every day before and after 8 am, 9 o'clock and evening, they are fed one at a time. The feeding is mainly in the evening. The amount of daily feeding can be controlled flexibly at 100-150% of the body weight of the crabs and adjusted according to the food, weather, and water quality. . To do a good job of water quality management, change water on time, keep the pool fresh, dissolved oxygen above 40 mg / liter, but also pay attention to the prevention of predators, timely kill frogs, water snakes, water mice, etc., in order to improve the survival rate of young crabs.

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