Three-level maintenance of baking equipment

Desserts such as cakes and breads are the foods most people like, and are baked in baking equipment such as ovens, microwave ovens, and blenders. The long-term use of baking equipment without maintenance can affect baking operations.

Equipment care

Equipment maintenance is a process of anti-micro-difference. The SOP and responsibility system for the use and maintenance of baked food equipment is the guarantee to guide the operators, operators and operators to operate, repair and repair equipment. The daily maintenance of baking equipment is an important project to reduce the loss of work, continuous production, quality and quantity to complete the task and increase food safety. Any negligence will have unpredictable consequences, and food is no small matter, so a strict three-level maintenance system is particularly important.

Three-level maintenance of baking equipment

Daily maintenance

The daily maintenance of baking equipment is the daily routine maintenance of the baking food equipment by the operators. There are few projects, mainly concentrated on the outside of the equipment. The main contents are the cleaning, lubrication and screwing of the equipment, generally before and after the baking equipment. get on.

Before and after the operation of the baking equipment, the operator carefully checks, cleans the various parts and adds lubricating oil, so that the equipment is always clean and tidy, and the inspection and shift records are done well. If a fault occurs, report the fault in time, participate in troubleshooting, record the time and cause of the fault, and confirm the repair effect.

Primary maintenance

The first-level maintenance of baking equipment is mainly based on the operator, the maintenance worker tutors, partially disassembles and inspects and cleans the specified parts according to the plan; clears the oil circuit, pipeline, replaces or cleans the oil line, linoleum oil filter; adjusts the equipment Each part is fitted with a gap to fasten all parts of the equipment. Usually done once a month. You can also use the rest day to carry out the first-level maintenance of all parts of the baking equipment, and the operation is within one day.

Mainly to partially disassemble, inspect and renovate the various parts of the oven. Adjust the clearance between all transmission parts and bearings to remove foreign objects and find that parts should be replaced in time. Inspect and adjust the belt to remove the curls on both sides of the belt and the debris and oil adhering to the belt. Check that the performance of the heater or gas burner is intact and that the power supply or gas supply route is unobstructed. Inspect and clean all lubrication points to maintain proper lubrication and eliminate oil leakage. Tighten the screws and nuts of each part to make them secure. Clean the motor, check and adjust the electrical device to keep it moving and sensitive. Clean the exterior and outer cover of the furnace wall, remove the oil stains, dust and yellow robes on the exterior of the transmission parts, and keep the whole oven clean and hygienic.

   Secondary maintenance

The secondary maintenance of the baking equipment is mainly based on the maintenance workers, the operators participate, the machines are regularly inspected regularly, and some worn parts are partially replaced and repaired. The general cycle is 6-12 months, and the working time is generally 1-2 weeks.

At present, the overhaul of many factories is secondary maintenance. Secondary maintenance requires all items of primary maintenance. Into the equipment maintenance plan, partial disassembly inspection and repair of equipment, replacement or repair of worn parts, cleaning, oil change; inspection and repair of electrical parts, local recovery accuracy, to meet the minimum requirements for machined parts.

Secondary maintenance Partial disassembly inspection and repair of the oven, such as dismantling the furnace body, cleaning the furnace and replacing the insulation materials. Inspect all drive mechanisms for cleaning, oil change, repair and replacement of worn parts. Check and repair all heater units and automatic control systems, and install them securely to ensure safe and reliable production. Check the cleaning furnace belt, no cracks and curling, and the joints should be smooth and smooth. If damage is found, some or all of the furnace belts need to be replaced, and the furnace belt should be oiled after cleaning. Clean the exterior of the oven and its surroundings.

In the process of implementing three-level maintenance, that is, daily maintenance, primary maintenance and secondary maintenance, the human use factor is very important . Therefore, it is necessary to properly equip the operator. In order to fully utilize the performance of the equipment and make the machine operate at an optimal state, the equipped operator should be familiar with and master the performance, structure, processing range and maintenance technology of the equipment. From the content of the third level, the daily maintenance is the simplest and most important. It is good to do everyday, and can find various problems of the equipment and repair it in time.

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