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Commonly referred to as scorpion, Rutida ruminants are distributed in mountainous regions and grasslands in northern China. The deafness is agile, lively, likes to live in groups and timid. The dumplings have no body fat and enjoy the reputation of “lean meat king”. Their meat is tender and delicious. Scorpion has a wide range of food sources, such as broadleaf leaves, wild weeds, crop stalks, fruit skins, and vegetables.
The gong circle is generally built in the ventilation area of ​​Xiangyang, and the environment is dry, hygienic and quiet. It is warm in winter and cool in summer. The shed consists of a playground and a bedroom. The stadium is a shed structure and the outer wall is more than 2 meters high. To prevent escape, the wall can be covered with firewood. The bedroom area is about 1.4 square meters. The overall requirement is that the area of ​​each species is not less than 3 square meters, and the area of ​​commercial housing can be appropriately reduced. There is a trough and sink in the circle. Scorpions are not afraid of cold in winter, but they are afraid of heat in summer. Therefore, shade facilities are required in summer.
The formula for adult wolfberry diets was: 400 grams of grass powder, 150 grams of bran, 150 grams of corn flour, and 50 grams of bean cake. Feed salt for 7 days to 10 days, about 10 grams each, and stir in the feed. Grass powder consists of leaves, cereal grass, bean stalks, etc., requiring more varieties, no mildew. In addition, according to different periods, such as the mating period, pregnancy, lactation, should be appropriate to increase some of the concentrate feed and blood meal, bone meal and other animal protein.
When drinking water from the dice, the drinking water tank should maintain long-term water, but it must be changed every day. The lice must be fed at regular intervals, usually 4 times a day in summer, 3 times a day in winter, and the amount of feed should be full.
Scorpions are more resistant to disease than any livestock, but they cannot, of course, relax their disease prevention. Should pay attention to diet, sinks, troughs should be cleaned every day, forbidden to feed mildew feed.
Clean the house every day. In the summer, use dry earth or ash to cover the ground and keep it dry. Every day, use 20% fire alkali or quicklime, plus 80% of the water to spray once, and refuse outsiders to visit in circles.

Auxiliaries (Additives) are defined in medicine as excipients and additives used in the production of drugs and prescriptions, that is, all materials except the main active ingredients of drugs, are important components of pharmaceutical preparations. In industrial production, auxiliary chemicals added to improve the production process, improve product quality and yield, or to endow the product with a specific application performance. It is also called additive. However, as an important component of the product matrix, large doses of additives, which have a significant impact on the shape, structure and performance of the product, are generally not included in the category of additives.

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