Straw processing feed technology

Straw processing feeds are mainly ammoniated. The methods are:
1. Urea ammoniation. Suitable for cellars, semi-cellars, or brick, cement-built pools. The pool can be rectangular, spaced in the middle, and turn ammoniated. The straw (corn stalks, wheat straw, potato vines, bean straw, straw, hay) is crushed, with 2 to 3 kg of urea per 100 kg, and 40 to 50 kg of water. The specific operation method is to dissolve urea firstly according to the proportion of water, then the solution is layered and sprinkled on the straw, and then the crushed straw is put into the pool or pit, and compacted layer by layer to cover the plastic film and seal.
2. Ammoniad ammonium bicarbonate. Plastic bag, cylinder, pool or stacking can be used. The amount of ammonium bicarbonate used was 10 kg, 30 kg of water was added, and the mixture was well mixed and sprinkled on 100 kg of chopped straw and sealed.
3. Ammoniad ammonia. Half-cellars are generally used. The plastic film is laid in the cellar, and the smashed straw is placed in the cellar. Spray evenly (that is, use 15 to 18 kg of 20 to 25% of agricultural ammonia to evenly spray 100 kg of straw). After the cellar is full, it is covered and sealed with a plastic film. At a temperature of about 20°C, it takes only two weeks. Several problems should be paid attention to in ammoniated feed processing. (1) The amount of ammonia. The amount of ammonia has a great influence on the quality of ammoniated straw. (2) The moisture content of straw. The moisture content of the straw is 40% more suitable, and if it exceeds 50%, the ammoniating effect is not good. (3) Ammoxidation time. Ammonia treatment time is too short and will affect the quality of ammoniated straw. However, the ammoniation time is directly related to the temperature. Usually 1 to 2 weeks in summer, 3 to 4 weeks in spring and autumn, and 5 to 6 weeks in winter. (4) Seal inspection. During the ammoniation period, the plastic film should be inspected frequently for damage and leaks. (5) Feeding. After the amination process is completed, it can be unsealed and fed. However, it is necessary to put ammonia for 3 to 5 days first (a long time for releasing ammonia in rainy weather) until no ammonia odor can be fed.

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