Broiler Science Feeding Calendar Card

1, 1-3 days of age: Early drinking, water plus 0.01% potassium permanganate, 0.5% of multi-dimensional glucose, 0.1% of vitamin C, clear the stomach, do a good job of boiling water and open food work. Brooding temperature is controlled at 34-35°C and humidity is 65-70%. Pay attention to strong and weak divisions and raise the water temperature above 20°C. 2, 4-8 days old. Drinking water added 0.06% Luomaixin or Ruihuning, gentamicin. Feed 0.04% norfloxacin or 0.02% ciprofloxacin to prevent Salmonella, Escherichia coli and slow call. In addition, 1.5 times the volume of eye drops was given to Newcastle disease (C30-86) and infectious bronchitis (H120) combined live vaccine. 3, 9-12 days of age. Accelerate supplementation in drinking water14, or Ligomycin 12g/1000, 0.06% of cilostamycin or 0.06% of Luomaixin or 0.5ml/kg of body weight or 8000 units of butylamine and 30mg of neogenin / Kg body weight. Sodium selenite vitamin E spices. Pay attention to insulation and ventilation, and scientifically limit feeding to prevent E. coli and mycoplasma. Simultaneously with chicken Newcastle disease (II), infectious bronchitis (H120) dual live vaccine 2 times eye, chicken Newcastle disease oil emulsion inactivated vaccine subcutaneous injection of 0.03 ml/neck. 4,13-14 days of age. Infectious bursal freeze-dried vaccine (Chicken infectious bursal 606 seedlings, babe times) 1 times the amount of drops. 5, 15-17 days old. The material is mixed with sodium selenite vitamin E powder and vitamin AD3 powder. Bacbacillus (100 g/150 kg), 0.06% roxithromycin and 0.06% benomyl or levofloxacin and ciprofloxacin (0.03%) in drinking water, and antibiotics such as lincomycin . Do limit feeding, light control, reasonable grouping, do a good job in refueling. 6, 18-19 days old. A 0.3% skimmed milk powder was added to the doubling dose of the bursa of the bursa of Trichosanthes falciparum or drinking water. 7, 20-27 days old. The material added sodium selenite vitamin E powder, vitamin AD3 powder, speed supplement 14. Drinking water Gainno 0.03%, super-strong ampicillin 40 mg / kg body weight, 20 mg / kg body weight of new fertility. Chicken Newcastle disease (IV) and Chuanzhi 120 secondary seedlings 2-3 times the amount of water, add 0.3% skim milk powder. Control E. coli, slow call. Immunize chicken infectious bursal disease and Newcastle disease. 8, 28-35 days old. Add sodium selenite vitamin E powder and vitamin AD3 powder. Drinking water plus fertilizer 20 mg / kg body weight and roxithromycin 0.006% or levofloxacin 0.03%, to prevent infectious bursal disease, chicken Newcastle disease, renal transmission, slow call, coccidia and so on. Do a good job in ventilation and ventilation, reduce the rearing density, and do a good job in refueling. 9, 36-42 days of age. Drinking water to strengthen the ability to breathe clear, Poole, Greenford, cystotoxin and so on. Prevention of infectious diseases such as infectious bursal disease and chicken Newcastle disease. The material is added with sodium selenite vitamin E powder and vitamin AD3 powder. Pay attention to refueling work. 10,43-50 days old. Drink water to speed up 14, bursa poison, Purkinje and Greenford or strong breathing, prevent respiratory diseases. Strengthen ventilation, reduce the concentration of harmful gases, strengthen assault and fatten fertilizer, and timely slaughter.

By taking an organic farming and processing approach, the main characteristics of organic foods come from organic farming systems that are eco-friendly. Organic food production and processing, do not use chemical pesticides, chemical fertilizers, chemical preservatives and other synthetic substances, and genetically engineered organisms and their products, therefore, (organic food) is a truly from the nature, nutrition, high quality and Safe and environment-friendly (ecological food), Xihuangcao active ingredient Xihuangrouxin A, Mei-Mei A, has anti-cancer activity, has a significant inhibitory effect on human cervical cancer cells

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