Six measures to prevent the premature decline of fruits and vegetables

Fruit vegetables mainly include: peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes. The symptoms of premature aging are: atrophy of the plant, yellowing of the leaves, late fruit ripening, low yield, and severe death of the plants. The main cause of premature aging is high temperature and rain. The prevention method is as follows.
First, the main role of timely pruning and topping is to prevent plant growth, reduce excessive nutrient consumption, and promote plant multiple results. Practice has shown that reasonable pruning of pepper can significantly increase its yield. The operation method is: After the first pepper is harvested (at this time, the pepper pods are already in the cutting-off stage), and 8 branches growing above the four branches growing near the base are cut off. At the same time, water and fertilizer management must be strengthened. This will not only reduce excessive consumption of nutrients, but also make the four branches near the base grow light and airy, reduce the phenomenon of falling fruit, and increase the yield of peppers. Cucumbers should be picked in 2 to 5 leaves to promote the formation of melons, otherwise it is easy to cause obstruction of nutrient transportation. Tomato picking time to harvest after the 4th ear fruit, and leave 2 leaves on the ear fruit, so as not to cause premature root failure and leaf curling under the plant, should not be on the 4th inflorescence just a flowering topping.
Second, the removal of old leaves of various fruit and vegetable vegetables must promptly remove the plant's lower leaves, dead leaves and diseased leaves in order to prevent field closure. This will not only reduce the nutrient consumption of the plant, but also effectively control the spread and spread of the disease. It is also conducive to ventilation and light in the field, and promote the robust growth of plants.
Third, early harvest fruits and vegetables to promote the early harvest of fruit. This will both reduce nutrient consumption and prevent premature aging.
Fourth, timely top-dressing fertilizer in time to provide sufficient nutrients for plant growth and development, which is the key to prevent plant aging. The best time for topdressing after harvesting the fruit can generally be combined with irrigation to catch up to 1 to 2 times of human fecal urine or nitrogenous fertilizer and phosphate fertilizer. Cucumber topped with 10 kg per acre of diammonium phosphate, eggplant topped with 10 kg of urea per acre, pepper chase fertilizer should be more appropriate, per acre can be applied about 12 kg of diammonium phosphate, but the need to dissolve fertilizer in water topdressing It is not appropriate to plan for the topdress because it is afraid that the root of the pepper will be damaged.
5. Irrigation and Cooling In the hot summer season, irrigation can be carried out according to the weather and soil moisture, and small water should be poured during irrigation to prevent erosion of the roots of the ridge at the base of the ridge. At the same time, after the heavy rain, it is necessary to do a good job of drainage and flood control to ensure the normal growth and development of the seedlings.
Sixth, disease prevention and treatment of fruit vegetables should pay attention to the early prevention and control of aphids in time, generally available 20% killing chrysanthemum vinegar emulsion 800 ~ 1000 times liquid spraying leaves. Cucumber powdery mildew can be used 50% thiophanate 800 ~ 1000 times solution or 25% Triadimef WP 1200 times spray control, can be used for cucumber casemycosis 300 ~ 400 times 40% aluminum phosphate or 25% Rhodiola 1000 times spray control. Controlling tomato gray mold can be sprayed with 75% chlorothalonil wettable powder 600 to 800 times, or 50% thiophanate wettable powder 500 times. Prevention of Eggplant Mushroom Disease can be sprayed with 75% chlorothalonil 700 times solution or 50% metadione 500 times solution at the beginning of the disease, spray once every 7 to 10 days, and spray 3 to 4 times in total. Sprayed to the leaves and fruits, this can effectively control the development of the disease.

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