Main crop pest management in April

I. Major Diseases of Wheat April is a critical period for the occurrence of wheat stripe rust and head blight, and field investigations should be strengthened to detect the occurrence of wheat stripe rust. Fusarium head blight is prevalent at the filling stage, and the appropriate period of prevention and control is to prevent the spraying of the flowers at the end of the flowering period.
Second, corn diseases
1. Treat winter straw. Elimination of overwintering larvae such as corn borer and peach aphid. Reduce the number of insects. The corn stalks were burned before April 5th and piled up.
2. Appropriately reduce the area of ​​spring sown corn and sow summer corn to reduce the damage of the corn borer generation. Peach and other orchard fields should use as little interplanting corn as possible.
3. Do a good job of seed treatment to prevent corn disease before planting; when sowing can be used buds and grass double seal or a good Meth, and other agents to prevent and control weeding.
Third, vegetable pests should pay attention to prevention and control of diamondback moth and cabbage caterpillars in April. Due to the increase of temperature, the climatic conditions are suitable for the survival and reproduction of Plutella xylostella and Pieris rapae. The main hazards are cruciferous and other cruciferous varieties. It is necessary to strengthen the control of the two pests due to the natural conditions. The pesticides are mainly selected as biological pesticides to reduce the damage to natural enemies and control the outbreak of insect pests.

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