What kitchen equipment is needed to build a “green kitchen”?

In recent years, the word "green" has become more and more frequent in life. “Green food”, “green packaging” and “green travel” are all popular words. Recently, the author also saw a new word about “green” – “green kitchen”. Naturally, “green kitchen” is also indispensable. Environmentally friendly kitchen equipment.

“Green” is synonymous with environmental protection and health in most cases. Building a “green kitchen” is actually building an environmentally friendly and healthy kitchen. So, what kind of kitchen equipment do you need to build an environmentally friendly and healthy kitchen?

Fume purification can not be less

Fume is a headache when cooking in the kitchen. Fume not only soils the kitchen environment, but also poses a risk of cancer. To create a “green kitchen”, it is important to purify the fumes, and the kitchen fume purification equipment is a good way to purify the fumes. Driven by technological developments and policies, the kitchen fume purification equipment on the market is endless, and the new combination fume purification machine is particularly popular.

The new combined type fume purification integrated machine uses a combination of mechanical method and low temperature plasma electric field to purify the soot, which can greatly improve the purification efficiency of the soot. It also combines a high-quality motor with an acoustic housing to reduce operating noise and reduce noise pollution. In order to keep the equipment safe and stable, the new combined soot purifier is equipped with a series of functions such as overload protection, phase loss protection and leakage protection.

Electromagnetic cooker is more environmentally friendly

In the kitchen, the cooker is not important. Gas stoves, natural gas stoves, liquefied petroleum gas stoves, and electromagnetic stoves are stoves with high usage rates today, but gas stoves, natural gas stoves, and liquefied petroleum gas stoves all use heat to generate heat, which is not only bad for environmental protection, but also exists. Certain hidden fires.

The electromagnetic cooker adopts electromagnetic induction heating to reduce the safety hazard of open flame, and this heating method does not generate exhaust gas, and the green is non-polluting. Since the electromagnetic cooker is mostly flat design and has no burning waste, it is also convenient and simple to clean. When the electromagnetic cooker is heated, the temperature can be raised to more than 300 degrees in a dozen seconds, the thermal efficiency is very high, the vegetable speed is fast, and energy is saved.

Kitchen waste needs to be disposed of

In addition to the above two devices, to achieve the "green kitchen" also need other secret weapons, that is the kitchen waste processor. Kitchen waste accounts for a large part of daily garbage and puts a lot of pressure on the waste treatment industry. Nowadays, there is a small kitchen waste disposer installed in the sink, which can be used for preliminary treatment of kitchen waste.

The small kitchen waste disposer mainly grinds the food waste into fine particles by using a high-speed rotating grinding wheel, and discharges the pipe along with the water. It can handle most food waste, including leaves, bones, peels, eggshells, etc. By installing a kitchen waste disposer in the kitchen, the kitchen waste can be disposed of in time to prevent the kitchen waste from stinking in the trash can, reducing microbial growth and maintaining the sanitation of the kitchen environment.

Nowadays, the “green kitchen” has become a new trend in the catering industry. When the traditional kitchen is remodeled, kitchen equipment such as kitchen fume purification equipment, electromagnetic cooker and kitchen waste disposer can be used. These kitchen appliances have improved not only the kitchen environment, but also the green development of the global environment.

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