How to prevent tea buds

One, Lei Lei. If tea leaves do not bud after budding, it will cause some buds to be naturally frozen and unable to open due to lack of nutrient supply. Camellia flower bud differentiation from May to June, has formed flower buds in autumn, when buds and leaf buds can be distinguished when the buds can be left, the number of buds left should be determined according to the strength of the tree vigor, strong tree plant for adult plants, more than 5 leaves Each bar stays one, and the rest are removed. Weak tree vigor should be kept less. Seedlings below 5th in age do not leave the best under normal circumstances, so as not to affect growth. The buds left are distributed evenly over the canopy, and the viewing effect is good. However, if the flower buds are of different sizes, the flowers will be opened for the first time and the flowering period will be relatively prolonged. When leaving buds, flower teeth and leaf buds should be distinguished. The first bud near the tip of the shoot is mostly leaf buds, and the second is the flower buds; in addition, the flower buds are plump and full, and the buds are lean.
Second, fertilizer and water management. After entering the winter in the north, Camellia has to move into the greenhouse to protect against the cold. At this time, the flower buds are very large and will gradually open after the spring. In order to reduce the budding buds, the flowers should be large and bright. Before the opening, apply a fertilizer for about 10 days until the buds are dewy. However, the fertilizer should be thin and light, and it should be dominated by phosphorus-containing organic fertilizers. For plants whose flowers cannot be open at the same time, after the previous batch of flowers, when the flowers are not displayed at the back, supplement the nutrients in time, which ensures that the flowers behind are well opened and fully opened, but do not apply fertilizer when flowering.
Low winter temperatures and low water consumption. Observe carefully to ensure that the basin soil is properly dried and wet, with 60% to 70% of the glutinous Rice is declared. Of course, the water volume during the flowering period can be slightly larger. Watering should also be carried out before and after noon.
Third, cold. Although Camellia has a certain ability to withstand cold, but in the north of the Yangtze River Valley, there are not many varieties that can be exposed to winter, so it is still mainly to appreciate. At the end of October each year, the camellia should be transplanted into a greenhouse or plastic shed to prevent winter and overwintering. Don't put it on the air outlet after entering the room so as not to cause frozen buds due to cold wind. Before and after noon on a windless day, open the window and change the air, and when the room is dry, spray water and humidify the plants and the ground. The temperature difference between day and night during the winter can not be too large, otherwise it will lead to normal opening of the bud. In particular, plastic greenhouses, the temperature within the shed can reach 30°C. At this time, it is necessary to pay attention to opening ventilation vents to cool down and close the ventilation holes at about 4 pm.
Fourth, fixed position. Overwintering plants should be given good light, flowering plants do not often move, otherwise it will cause the tree photosensitive dislocation or discomfort to the environment, resulting in budding buds and buds. If you really need to move, you should pay attention to environmental differences can not be too large, the orientation of the plant after the move should be consistent with the original. It should also be noted that the condensate in the greenhouse is often dripping on the flower buds, and it can also cause the buds to fail to open and rust, as long as they are discovered in time and moved a little to solve the problem.

Convenience Food means that it can be prefabricated, or it can be eaten now. The food is made into semi-finished products or finished products, and then frozen. It can be easily processed at any time and can be eaten anytime and anywhere.
Features of convenience food:

1. Easy to eat and easy to carry. Convenience foods are packed in specifications and are easy to carry. They are easy to process when they are eaten. They only need to be rehydrated, thawed or heated slightly to save time and effort.

2, nutritious, health and safety. Convenience foods are processed with reasonable ingredients and foods, and undergo strict sanitary inspection, sterilization and packaging, so the nutrition is rich, safe and reliable.

3. Low cost and low price. Convenience foods use large-scale industrialized centralized production, which can make full use of food resources and achieve comprehensive utilization, thus greatly reducing production costs and sales prices.

Convenience Food

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