Cotton sowing technique

First, rationally adjust the layout and optimize the structure of the variety. After trials and demonstrations in recent years, no matter what breeds in Yichang City, we must pay attention to improving the purity of the varieties to ensure the quality of seeds and prevent miscellaneous things. And do a good job before sowing sun seeds, in order to increase seed germination rate, reduce seedling disease.
Second, the application of base fertilizer, foot cover film. According to the cotton production level and soil fertility conditions, in the application of fertilizers, we must grasp the principles of nitrogen stabilization, phosphorus increase, potassium supplementation, microelement fertilizer, and rough combination. Focus on increasing organic manure, fertilizing soil to improve soil structure, and enhancing the ability to keep crops. Generally, the cotton field with 50 kg of lint per mu is grasped, the Mushi coarse fertilizer is 2-3, the ammonium bicarbonate is 35-49 kg, and the calcium is 40-50 kg. 10 kg of potash, 0.5 kg of borax; cotton field of 75 kg of lint per mu, 3-4 kg of crude fertilizer applied to Mushi, 40-50 kg of ammonium bicarbonate, 50-60 kg of calcium sulfate, 10 kg of potassium fertilizer, 0.5 kg of borax, and 100 kg of mu. Kg cotton cotton fields, Mushi coarse fat 4-5 square, ammonium bicarbonate 45-50 kg, calcium calcium 60-70 kg, borax 0.5 kg; intercropping cotton fields to increase fertilization by 30% compared to single cotton field to maintain high productivity .
Before planting, we must make footwork pods, intensive cultivation, to the ground level, soil finely crushed. The mulch cotton should be applied with herbicide before covering. When the film is covered, the mulch film should be stretched and laid out, and the surrounding soil should be compacted to prevent the wind from uncovering the film.
Third, the three suitable sowing, that is appropriate sowing, suitable for sowing, suitable sowing depth: timely sowing is the key to cotton sowing seedlings. Sowing too early, cottonseed in the soil is too long to rotten seeds. Seeding delayed the birth process too late. Generally grasping the ground temperature of 5 centimeters is stable and passes 16 degrees. The time is about 15 centimeters around the membrane cotton. The bare ground cotton is sown on April 20-25. Within this scope, the broadcast period must be subject to public opinion. Sites with good lyrics are best planted on April 20th; Appropriate sowing is an important part of preserving seedlings and raising seedlings. In order to improve the quality of sowing, to achieve a seeding preservation seedlings, to increase the appropriate amount of sowing: sulfuric acid coated cotton seed, seeded sowing volume of 1.25-1.5 kg. Appropriate sowing depth: Insect resistance cotton refers to small, weak seed viability, sowing depth should be shallow, generally suitable for 3 cm deep sowing in the cotton field, too deep to emerge seedling difficulties, the formation of weak seedlings; too easy to dry or uncovered with shell.
Sowing method: Promote the sowing of the land with good lyricism, and the land with poor soil quality and poor soil moisture can be used to suppress the soil after artificial on-demand. The mulch cotton was sowed before April 20th, after which the seed film was planted and the seedlings were planted after emergence. After planting on April 20th, it can be planted first, or after the film is covered. In short, it is necessary to ensure that all seedlings are broadcast in accordance with local conditions.
Fourth, rational dense planting. 50-70 kilograms of lint per mu for cotton fields, planted in large and small rows, 2.2-2.4 feet in large rows, 1.2-1.4 feet in small rows, 4000-4500 mu in density; 100-kilograms per area of ​​cotton in lint; planted in large and small rows, large Lines 2.4-3 feet, small lines 1.4-1.6 feet, 3500-4000 acres density, specific varieties determined according to species description.
Fifth, to promote cotton interplanting cultivation techniques. In order to meet the needs of market economy and improve the benefits of cotton fields, choose cotton - watermelon, cotton - watermelon - autumn cauliflower (cabbage, radish, potatoes, etc.), cotton - potatoes, cotton - onion, cotton - garlic, cotton - eagle pepper, cotton - Mung bean (pea bean), etc., sets, multiple cropping patterns, make full use of land resources, climate resources, increase multiple cropping index, increase economic efficiency.

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