Spring-based medicine sand pool

In spring, summer, and autumn, the weather is gradually warm and hot, and it is the season of growth and reproduction of chicken gizzards. It not only sucks and sucks blood under the epidermis of the chicken, but also interferes with the rest of the chicken, directly affecting the growth and development of the chicken, egg production and health. Well, to solve this problem, we must prevent it from the spring.
In the spring, a medicine sand trap can be set in the chicken ring to prevent the occurrence of chicken gizzards. The method is: Dig a pit 2 meters long, 1.5 meters wide and 20 centimeters deep (the size of the sand pit, the depth can be determined according to the size of the chicken house, and the number of chickens) on the sports ground in the chicken house. Fill in the pit. Full sand is served as a sand pool. Then place appropriate amount of sulfur powder, gypsum powder, lime powder and 10 pieces of trichlorfon (grinding powder) in the sand pool, and blend evenly with the fine sand in the sand pool to allow the chicken to have a sand bath. This method not only has the effect of preventing chickens in summer and autumn, but also increases the amount of chicken activity, maintains chicken hygiene, and promotes the growth and development of chickens, which is extremely beneficial to their egg production and health.

Seeds type
F1 hybrid Corn Seeds
Fruit color
Fruit weight
Fruit size
21 to 22cm in length,5.5cm in diameter
Plant height
Maturity days
95 days in spring, 85 days in summer
Germination rate
More than 90%
Hybrid corn seed
Seeds quality
Germination percentage 
≥ 98.0%
≥ 90.0%

Cultivation points:

Plant number: 3500 to 3800 plants/667m2
Sowing dosage: 1.5kg to 1.75kgs/667m2

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