Causes and Prevention of Cucumber Flowers without Melons

Cause of the disease: Some farmers have grown cucumbers that only open male flowers instead of female flowers, which makes it difficult to produce melons. According to research and practice, the main reason why cucumbers only open male flowers is due to the imbalance of cell division in cucumber plants. When the cucumber vines grow stoutly, they can increase their fork splitting ability, and the male and female flowers can evenly open on the same plant. If the cucumber plants grow mad during the growth process, the cucumber plant body will be damaged. Branching ability, which leads to cucumber plants only open male flowers without female flowers, or only a few limited female flowers at the vine. This will seriously affect the yield and benefits of cucumber. Control methods: The main point of preventing cucumber plants from opening only the male flowers is to control the madness of the melons and ensure that the cucumber plants grow thick and robust. In this way, it is possible to enhance the capacity of "extracts from outside the plant" and the ability of the male and female flowers to grow together. Farmers who grow cucumbers can get good results if they take chemical control measures. The specific method is: When the cucumber plants grow more than 4 true leaves, melon vines grow about 300-400 mm, the plant growth regulator can be used per acre ethephon 200-500PPM (dilute concentration), or 5-10 g of acetic acid , Or triacontanol 5-10 grams, or 10 grams of pro-glucagon (above, one of the above plant growth regulator can be), then add 50-70 kilograms of water, in the cucumber field evenly sprayed 1-2 times, namely It can promote the normal division of cucumber plant cells, enhance the ability of male and female flowers to open and grow in the same plant, and effectively solve the problem of infertility caused by cucumbers opening only male flowers. The above method adapts in the same way as the shelter.

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