Meat dog breeding technology

The breeder dog farm and the design breeder dog farm are places where breeder breeders can grow, breed, breed, and artificially feed breeder dogs. The breeder kennel is a place for breeders to rest and exercise, and is the most basic condition for breeding breeders. Therefore, stud farms and homes must be carefully designed to achieve scientific and reasonable standards, so that the growth and reproduction of meat dogs in a suitable environment, so as to better improve the production performance of breeders. First, the principle of meat breeder farms and farms should be accompanied by the principle of epidemic prevention. The breeder farm should have two areas, the production area and the non-production area, or the production area, non-production and living areas. The purpose of the separation of dog farms is to prevent the occurrence of infectious diseases. Adhering to the principle of adapting to local conditions Since the latitudes of the southern and northern regions of China are relatively large and the temperature difference is large, the southern region should be mainly protected against heatstroke, while the northern region should be mainly cold-proofed. Therefore, the structure of dog farms and houses should not be the same and should have different characteristics. , each with its own needs. Using the original principle of building renovation, the new dog farm can also choose pig farms, cattle farms, and chicken farms to be converted. The original breeding facilities in these farms are relatively complete, and only a slight modification of the housing can be used. If you build a dog farm on the basis of old warehouses, schools, and barracks, you can extend the activity field from the outside of the building to the north and the south, and set up a channel in the middle of the house. The two sides of the channel can be separated as required, and the rooms can communicate with each other. Adhering to the design standards, the principle of diligence and practicality, the so-called standard, is mainly to comply with epidemic prevention standards, adequate lighting and adequate sports venues, while taking into account the height of the wall to prevent dogs from jumping off the wall. The construction materials should be mainly made of local materials, masonry structures, steel bars, iron nets, and construction costs as much as possible. Second, the choice of site The selection of breeder's site and address is very important, which is related to the growth and development of breeders. It is related to the production ability and economic traits of breeders. To build a breeding dog farm, we must choose a high dry terrain, a low groundwater level, good water quality, and convenient transportation, but also maintain a certain distance from railways and highways to prevent noise interference and epidemic diseases, and to keep away from other animals of the same family. Field, to prevent cross-infection of the disease, in particular, to stay away from residential areas, to prevent people and dogs from interfering with each other and the spread of disease. The kennels should choose places where the leewards are sunny. The north is good for the cold and the south is good for the sunstroke. A small number of meat dog breeders can also choose to renovate old houses, but try to stay away from residential areas as much as possible. If they must be in residential areas, high walls should be set to reduce noise interference and prevent dog escape and wounding. The prevention and treatment of epidemics must not be accompanied by humans and dogs. Third, the kennel design kennel design should be based on the size of the land area, the amount of funds and the resources of building materials and many other factors, adopt different design forms and structures. Breeding breeders require larger venues for their sports. Generally, each breeder should have an area of ​​10 square meters. The dog farm is generally composed of a dog house, a dog house, and a kennel. The dog farm is surrounded by walls and the height of the wall must be above 2.2, which is safe and well managed. The height of a dog's lap type north wall is 2 meters, and a 0.5 meter barbed wire or iron net is set. The walls of the east, west and south sides have the same height as the north wall. The wall width is 200cm * 120cm on the south side of the north wall. The front wall of the dog's nest is 100cm high, the wall height is 125cm, and the rear wall of the dog's nest is 50cm from the ground. 32cm * 32cm ventilation holes, ventilation holes set 10-12 three bar, to prevent dogs escape, dog nests for the cement floor, shop 110cm90cm wooden board bed, set dog nest cover, length 200cm, 130cm, high north and south, The role is wind, cold, sun protection. An individual dog circle is formed by extending 5 meters from the dog's nest to the south. The east, west and south sides of the dog circle can be made of masonry, or can be made of steel or iron mesh. The height is 180cm and the width is 70cm. The position of the iron gate can be set on the front side for actual needs, or it can be set on the side. Convenience is appropriate, the advantages of a dog's lap are: (1) You can raise a male dog or raise a female dog. (2) The middle spacer can be opened and grouped. (3) can replace the farrowing room. The basic bitch can be born in the original circle. The data on the wall, fence, and dog's nest of a dog and a nest ring are the same as "one dog and one ring". The difference is that one circle can accommodate three to four dog nests and no more than five. Dog litter. A dog's nest is characterized by: (1) feeding is convenient. (2) It is easy to observe changes in the morphology of the dogs, excretion, and urination. (3) Large amount of exercise improves the constitution of breeding bitches, and it is beneficial to improve the three rates (estrus rate, quasi-fetal rate, and live birth rate). (4) It is conducive to knitting in accordance with the type of dog's spirit to prevent mutual biting. (5) It is also possible to link multiple laps to form a kennel. A small group of dog nests is a small circle with a height of 160cm on the north wall, 200cm on both sides of the east and west walls, and a height of 180cm on the south wall. A 200cm wide kennel cover is laid on top and a 300cm bay is opened to form a low water level along the south and north. A ventilation window with a height of 32cm * 32cm is set at a height of 50cm in the northern wall. In the northern area, it can be opened in summer and winter, and in the south, it can be kept open for 200 years and 300cm. The wall of each litter is northward. The southern section is extended by 1,000cm and the kennel formed can raise 4-5 animals. It can be single lap or two laps. The wall and the circle between the circle and the south can be made of masonry and can also be composed of steel bars and iron mesh. Its benefits are: (1) It can increase the activity of dogs. (2) Improve the "third rate" of bitches. (3) The kennel is formed by a plurality of laps, and the construction is convenient. The old house transformation old house refers to the past pig house, cow house, chicken house, warehouse, school and camp. Old homes generally have a large span. They tend to grow long and raise their shelves. It is possible to raise dogs with a little modification. The specific method of transformation will use old houses, which occupy 150cm in width from the middle of the vertical, and serve as corridors. The two sides of the north and south sides will naturally form two parts. There is concrete floor in the house. A 180-cm-high fence is formed by reinforcing steel or iron mesh inside the west room walls from the two eastern walls at 150 cm in the middle corridor. According to the old house's original size, a cross is usually set every 300cm. It is a dog circle. Each dog is surrounded by a door 180cm high and 70cm wide, under the windows of the north and south walls. The distance between the north and south sides of the old house and the house is 300cm. A fence composed of masonry or steel bars and iron mesh is provided. The length of the north and south can be 700-1000cm. It is 3-5 natural breeding dogs per cycle. Its advantage is the reuse of old objects, saving infrastructure investment. The kennel can also be modified according to the number of breeders. General dog disease prevention precautions: First, the prevention and treatment of diarrhea drug puppies dose adult dog dose injection puppies dose dog dose oxytetracycline 1 Tablets 3-4 tablets Angipilin 1 2 fluorosis acid 1 tablets 2 - 3 tablets of Thiamsone 1 serving 1 mother 1-2 tablets 4-6 tablets of Qingda 1 2-3 sticks Please take it back immediately after taking it twice a day for 3 consecutive days of chloramphenicol 2 sticks Xiekang (veterinary) half branch 1-2 branch two, cold medicine puppies dose adult dog dose injection puppies dose adult dog dose cold glue capsule 1 capsule 2-3 Capsules Angebirin (Bupleurum) 1 Branch 3-4 An Nai Jin Half 2 tablets Thiamisone 1 Article 1 Remarks The veterinary "558 antipyretic and anti-inflammatory Ling" also penicillin 1 2 Vc1/2 branch 1 Third, enteritis treatment oral celebration For large or large-scale novomycin, or half of the oral administration, please inject half of the puppies and go back seven days after the deworming (do not use when diarrhea) puppies Please go back 20 days after the injection of five vaccines (to be used when healthy and disease-free) When inhaled Do not use if the medicine in the needle tube is cloudy or precipitated. When the dog arrives and does not feed too much on the first meal, you may drink a little salty water first.


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