Persimmon vinegar production method

Remove the ripe fresh persimmon (without rot), wash it in clean water, put it in a dust-free, pollution-free environment, and dry it. Then take the sanitary gloves and gently remove the persimmon.

Next is disinfection. When the cylinder and the bamboo basket are sterilized, they are flushed with boiling water. After the cylinders and bamboo baskets are sterilized and dried, they are lined with 1 to 2 layers of cotton yarn on the bottom of the bamboo baskets, and a layer of plastic cloth is placed around the bamboo baskets. The material can be fed, and the cotton yarn is used to cover the finished fabrics. Above, finally cover the entire cylinder with a dust cover. Place it in a place free of pollution and mosquitoes. After 1 to 2 months of natural fermentation, the persimmon water poured out of the jar is the persimmon vinegar undiluted liquid. Do not move it within two months. When you smell the sourness of vinegar, take the bamboo urn and take a look. There is no milky translucent thing (vinegar clothing) above the persimmon water in the tank. If it proves successful, it is a preliminary fermentation. But not too acidic and sweet. The color is as transparent as red wine.

Use wooden or plastic spoons to infuse the persimmon vinegar into the disinfected bottle, seal it, and dig a pit below 1 meter in the shade. This is the late fermentation, with the use of digging. Old vinegar made with this method can be stored for several years.

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